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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 714 reviews

Best Rating 5/5

A really nice massage top to toe. Punctual, deep and great value. Thank you to my kind and caring therapist, I will book with you again and again I think!

Posted by Jane A Rated:

Been booking weekly treatments online with you for last 2 years now. Love the convenience of being able to book professional therapy on demand at a reasonable price … so thought I'd finally say so!

Posted by Peter Hines Rated:

An excellent mobile service, thoroughly enjoyed, thank you - look forward to booking again!

Posted by Jane Rated:

People I just had an excellent 90mins massage with a very confident therapist for her age will def book again thoughtful etc :o :sleep: :D

Posted by Les Austin Rated:

I have been using your service for years now and could not recommend it more. I've tried all the therapists who specialise in deep tissue and did not have even one bad experience. Professional, punctual, polite and skilled! Highly recommended!

Posted by Joanna Rated:

Never has a massage before this with constant back ache and stress at work, I thought I'd give it a go. I booked Marta for 90 mins. Delightful, professional and friendly. Her massage was sensational and one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. I'm writing this after a great night sleep!

Posted by Jonathan Rated:

Had a really good massage yesterday evening with Hannah, arrived on time, perfect pressure, nice personality, will certainly be booking again.

Posted by Dave Rated:

This women's day business is a total farce. So the rest of the 365 days we are not supposed to hold them in respect? One has to respect all these ladies for the work that they do, for all the therapy they provide, for all the energy they share and for all the effort they expend in travelling to your home, often at a moments notice. Respect and bless them unconditionally, always.

Posted by Victor Rated:

I've booked Alina for 90mins deeper massage and was not disappointed. She had almond oil with her and asked if it was ok in case of allergies. We spoke briefly about my sore areas and then she let me enjoy in silence. I would describe her technique as sweeping hand motions mixed with fist and side of arm, elbow kneading with firm finger tip pressures on sore spots. I am very happy and I would book her again. Thx :super

Posted by Kent Valderrama Rated:

You want energy? She is it. You want healing? Guaranteed. You want grace? A natural. You want caring? It's who she is. You want relaxation? Give her your body. What are you waiting for? :confused: Go for it, dudes and dudettes! Therapist - Helen!

Posted by Victor Rated:

Elena was great. My daughter booked her for my birthday. It was worth it. I rate her 5 stars. Keep up the excellent work Elena and thank you very much.

Posted by Merline Stewart Rated:

Excellent therapist ALINA :super:

Posted by Zack Rated:

I just had my first 60 minute massage with Monica. I can honestly say I am so so so glad I did! I feel so much better already! Thank-you, Monica!

Posted by John Fry Rated:

Thanx so much to the delightful Sasiton! :D a wonderful 90mins of total joy. Her skills are sublime, all my knots are gone and her company is perfect , so warm and friendly she already feels like an old friend! Highly recommended! See you soon ! :D ;) the perfect Xmas present!

Posted by Pete Rated:

Hi everyone Helen,simply the best, deep skills and experience; knows exactly what she is doing, to be seen in the results, amazing. Very intuitive, conscientous and dedicated, no distractions, therefore highly responsive and responsible. Lie back, enjoy it and get up with a spring in your feet. She brought me alive, vitally.

Posted by Victor Rated:

I’ve had 3 massages from Melania so far. She has a fantastic skill of finding the knots and working hard on them whilst it still being an extremely relaxing massage. Melania really helped relieve my shoulder and neck tension. I felt so good afterwards and slept very well. Really looking forward to booking her again!

Posted by Phillippa Rated:

The best massage I've ever had was from Alina. I've had many massages in the past but this was the best by far. My back did not feel so well for a long time. I can't recommend her highly enough. I look forward to booking her again soon! :super:

Posted by Jon Jon Rated:

Melissa was an excellent therapist with both high technical and empathic skills. Much to be recommended! John

Posted by John Templar Rated:

Had a massage with melissa She was very good Well done thanks

Posted by Jay Shah Rated:

Had a session from Jeanette and requested firm and stronger massage. Jeanette did well to keep the ideal pressure throughout the session and was very happy with it. Thanks to Jeanette and TMR. :D

Posted by ARUNA GURUGE Rated:

Thank you Melinda, a truly blissful massage for 2 hours with such attention to detail. I have re-booked her straight away. Melinda is chatty, friendly and made me feel completely relaxed from the moment she arrived. I have had many massage treatments around the world particularly in Asia and this experience ranks amongst the very best! I highly recommend this talented lady.

Posted by Martin Maynard Rated:

Susanna is a sweet, professional masseuse and enjoys her job thoroughly. Would highly recommend her as she was on time, served with a smile, and also very interesting conversations. Can’t thank enough

Posted by HardP Rated:

I had a massage with Susanna. I must say that it’s a fantastic massage with high level of knowledge and excellent skills. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Rafael Castellano Rated:

Susanna K was great. Friendly, conversational and the massage was amazing. Thank you so much! :D

Posted by David Palmer Rated:

Monica is absolutely fantastic. Everytime I have booked her my tension and stress melts away. She has magic hands. Without a doubt I would highly recommended her. Thank you so much.

Posted by Emma Jane Rated:

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