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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 714 reviews

Best Rating 5/5

Great massage from Vasiliki who was on time, professional, put me totally at ease and gave a really good combination of techniques to relax some very tight muscles. Thank you.

Posted by Debra Rated:

Wonderful massage from Galina. Felt great after. Will definitely seek her serivce again.

Posted by Eric Rated:

There are no words to express how it works Noelia. She is my therapist since last year and I am deeply grateful to her. She prepares my body for weeks of travel and business. My back and my neck are completely relaxed, my legs and feet light and feel a very great inner peace after each massage. Thank you so much, you're by far the best therapist who has never ever existed.

Posted by M Rated:

Adina was very sweet and did a very good massage. I have a bad lower back and she knew exactly how and where to release the tightness. Clearly very able and highly skilled. A must have! I will be calling her again soon. Thank you Adina! :D

Posted by Simon Rated:

1 hour massage with Vasiliki. She is surprisingly strong for her stature, and overall a lovely person. She's calm and makes you feel at ease. Left me totally relaxed. Will definitely book her again.

Posted by M Rated:

First time treatment with Maria. Excellent massage all round. Very attentive and good therapist. Felt 100% better afterwards thanks to Maria. Will definitely be booking her again for future treatments. :super:

Posted by Kevin Rated:

Just had my first massage with Viola today and wanted to leave a note here to say how great it was! The combination of massage strokes and stretching is fantastic, and she is a delightful person. Highly recommended!

Posted by Tim Rated:

Wonderful massage from Miss Noelia.Beautiful lady and very professional. Excellent technique ,the best massage I've ever had .Gracias Noelia :love: :super:

Posted by Simon Rated:

I had my first massage at home with Anna last night and it was absolutely fantastic! I've had many massages but this was the best one I've ever had and I can't wait to have more! I was really nervous having it in my home but it was actually much more relaxing than hiking across Greater London on several tubes and enabled me to feel relaxed for the rest of the evening. Really great massage! Thanks!

Posted by Sam Rated:

Just had one of the best massage of my life from Sarie. She is very warm nd so friendly. She knows all the pressure point nd know how to unlock tension from ones body, I simply loved her she really have magical fingers. Waiting for my next session with her. You rock Sarie. I am feeling so relax and light after wonderful massage from you.

Posted by shalini Rated:

Another excellent massage from Zuzanna - I was suffering from a really hard couple of weeks at work and she took the stress and strains away with an amazing massage. Thanks Zuzanna - you're the best.

Posted by bob Rated:

"Had yestaday the most amazing massage from Anna ! A very professional and skilful massage therapist and a very comfortable and relaxing personality! Thank you." :clap:

Posted by O Rated:

Had a fantastic massage from Tunde. A brilliant 90 minutes that more than any massage I've ever had left me feeling truly rejuvenated and relaxed. It was clearly long overdue and I won't leave it so long next time. The Massage Rooms is a great service and I'd recommend it to anybody. So convenient and great value for the quality of massage received.

Posted by Will Rated:

AFter working hard all day in the garden I needed a massage or else my back would have killed me tomorrow. Booked Agnes and she was great. Heartily recommened her , hard on my back to sort me out soft elsewhere to relax me just what I needed and I feel great. :D

Posted by roy Rated:

sarie gave a great massage. she asked me what i needed and planned and gave an excellent massage. like lara she understands the problem and gave an excellent treatment. thank you.

Posted by anthony Rated:

I booked Maria for a massage treatment and her massage was excellent. Will book her again.

Posted by George Rated:

Probable best massage with Maya I have had and I have many! Very targeted and professional. Resolved a neck problem I had for ages. Would definitely recommend to anyone. :clap: :clap:

Posted by Abdul Rated:

Hana gave me an amazing massage. She is a lovely girl. I highly recommend her!

Posted by James Rated:

Super fabulous massage from Noelia. Very professional, in time, interesting conversation, great technique and wonderful hands. She know exactly what she doing , what is the pain point and what is the perfect pressure and she relieve the stress!! Highly recommended :super:

Posted by London Rated:

Maya is an excellent masseuse. She arrived punctually and gave very good massage. Targetted all the sore spots. I would definitely recommend her and would boo again.

Posted by L Rated:

Just had probably the best massage I've ever had from Viola this morning. I've had many massages in the past due to an ongoing back problem and this has without doubt left me the most relaxed and supple. The stretches she introduced me to at the end we amazing! She is also a very charming and considerate therapist and I can't recommend her highly enough. I look forward to booking her again soon!

Posted by David Rated:

Adina's massage was exactly what I needed. She spotted the knots and took the time on each and every one. She is graceful and has such a nice personality! I would definitely recommend her.

Posted by E Rated:

Had an excellent massage from Andreea this afternoon. Her little hands massaged every part of my body with emphasis on my legs as I am a runner. I have three half marathons and a marathon coming up this year and will be booking Andreea again. Would recommend her for a relaxing massage. :p

Posted by D Rated:

I have never used a mobile service before. I am a massage therapist in a spa and needed to de-stess my aching muscles before my next shift. I chose Vasiliki because of her physio experience and Im so glad I did. Her technique of Balinese, Thai and deep tissue resulted in the best massage Ive had in years and really relaxed my tesnion without being told where they are. I highly recommend her. :D

Posted by Samantha Rated:

Betty is a really good massage therapist and I will definitely book her again George

Posted by GEORGE Rated:

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