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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 714 reviews

Best Rating 5/5

Maya has got to be one of the best treatment massages I've ever had and I get massages quite often to know the difference. Knowledgable, strong if you like a firm massage and friendly. Def book her in if you want to get problem spots fixed! :D :D :D

Posted by Sharn Rated:

Had a great massage from Noelia today, really relaxing. My energy levels are low after fluey virus so the massage really helped! :clap:

Posted by Rach Rated:

Amazing massage from Anna last night. Magic hands, a great sense of humor and just a real fun person to hang out with. Can't wait to return to London again!

Posted by S Rated:

First time booking with Anna. She gave me an excellent all over body massage, but also focused very well on my problem areas and helped a lot. Excellent highly professional massage, couldnt have asked for better. Left me very relaxed and the aches a memory.

Posted by Kevin Rated:

Adina was very good on specific back massage :super:

Posted by Thomas Rated:

Very nice service from Noelia who gave me a pregnancy massage. She was very good at getting all the sore points and is highly recommended. C :D

Posted by Mrs Browne Rated:

My husband organised a massage for me with Lucia. She was very professional, confident and flexible with my needs as I had just given birth 3 wks ago by c-section and she made me feel comfortable and massaged all the places that bothered me the most. I was very happy with the service and recommend her to new clients. :super:

Posted by Sharn Rated:

Excellent service - very prompt professional. Noella is great!

Posted by Gary Rated:

I come to London every month and I had many massages around the world.She is a different therapist by far, very professional, great technique and wonderful touch.Her energy runs through your body and it works!Simply the BEST.Thanks Noelia

Posted by Noelia Rated:

Anna was a very professional.A credit to your company. I CAN'T WAIT TO BOOK HER AGAIN. PERFECT. !! 10 out of 10

Posted by peter Rated:

Just had a fantastic massage by Adina, absolutely great, really hits the roblem areas. A lovely freindly and really relaxing therapist, hope to be in the area next again soon. Thanks :)

Posted by Dan Rated:

Just had ANDREEA come round for a deep tissue massage. She was well skilled and gave some brilliant advice on how to avoid the lower back pain I was suffering with. Feel soo much better. I was worried about using this service - but shouldn't have been - professional, polite and fantastically skilled! Thrilled with the experience! Would highly recommend!! :D

Posted by Lindy Rated:

Just had a fantastic massage from Adina She is the perfect girl Thanks a lot Adina :love:

Posted by BoOoD Rated:

Edit massage me today tell u wot it was excellent I enjoy it she release al my aches and pains I will have back to massage e again she wot the doc ordered she found trouble spot and work on it to ease the pain away :love: :D :D thanx

Posted by mark Rated:

Had a Classic massage from Izabella, a really pleasant girl, she instantly put me at ease and the massage was excellent, didn't want it to end! Recommended! Thank you

Posted by Nick Rated:

I had one hour massage after many days of sport and work...Adina made it healing for my muscles. She did a very professional and at the same time friendly job.

Posted by M Rated:

I have used the company twice before and have been very very happy with the service. Today Domi provided what must be close to the ideal treatment for my brand of elderly muscles and over-exercise! She got the pressure just right and her charm was icing on the cake.

Posted by Andrew Rated:

Thank you to Noelia for a great massage. Prompt, professional, very friendly and a great massage! Would certainly recommend Noelia. Thank you!

Posted by Jamie Rated:

Had a wonderful massage from Anna who really understands the art of deep tissue. I felt fantastic after the treatment, well worth booking Anna, I will be very soon. :D

Posted by SM Rated:

Polina is therapy come to life. I worked at a massage center in California and after getting massages for decades I can easily say she is the best. Why you wonder...she is strong,warm,positive ,Highly trained-nay-overtrai ned, and she is smart and nice. This combines to give her the ability to work miracles. :super:

Posted by Malcolm D Rated:

First time used this company and have to say was the best decision I've ever made! I had an amazing hot oil massage from Domi. It was absolutely wonderful one lovely lady very focused on making sure I felt completely relaxed and taken care of! Highly recommended! :super:

Posted by Ahmed Rated:

Would like to say massive thanks to Misato for such a wonderful and very therapietic 1 hour session! You are a true professional and such a lovely person! :D Would recommend to everyone! :super:

Posted by Alisa Rated:

Just had a fantastic massage from Kasia! Brilliant, professional service, delivered with a caring and relaxed approach. And, I don't have to go anywhere. Thanks. :sleep:

Posted by david Rated:

Just wanted to say how good my massage with Noelia was. I am 7 months pregnant and the massage relieved all my pregnancy aches and pains. Noelia was very professional, applied just the right amount of pressure and seemed to completely appreciate where I was likely to be feeling tension. She massaged me for the full 90 minutes and provided a calm and reassuring experience. I heartily recommend her

Posted by Pregnancy Massage Rated:

If i could give higher than 5 stars than I absolutely would. I have gotten massages for years and Adina was one of the best therapist I have ever had. She was very knowledgeable and the added bonus was she has an absolutely wonderful personality. The time we spent talking during the massage was worth the price of the massage itself. Thank you so much Adina and I look forward to next time!

Posted by Dan Rated:

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