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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 714 reviews

Best Rating 5/5

Ariana is not only fantastic at what she does she is beautiful too. really knew all the places that hurt on my back and legs without telling her. she knows what she is doing 110% relaxing massage :super: cant wait to have her here again soon :)

Posted by Paul Rated:

Ariana is off the scale great. A fantastic mix of deep massage with de-stressing and relaxing touch. She's a 10 out of 10.

Posted by KJ Rated:

May was friendly, on time. with amazing technique. recommend to anyone. Thank you May for saving my shoulders!

Posted by mits Rated:

Adina was excellent and massage, polite, friendly and punctual. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Posted by MM Rated:

Had a fantastic 2 hour light to medium massage from Romi recently. It was so relaxing and romi has a pleasant easy going personality. I would higly recommend her to any one. Thanks again Romi. :)

Posted by MK Rated:

Noelia was amazing! I had a deep tissue massage with her and it was the best I've ever received! Thankyou!

Posted by Riz Rated:

Polina is awesome. Really professional and high quality, using a variety of techniques to release knots, and relax the body. Well done!

Posted by Cristobal Rated:

Eva was superb an EXCELLENT LOMI massage :D

Posted by Helen Rated:

I just had one of the best massages I've ever had with Adina.. not only was she punctual, but she's also beautiful, very friendly and very professional. she might look small.. but the amount of pressure she can deliver is phenomenal.. I will definitely see her again! Thank you Adina!!

Posted by Ahmed Rated:

Noelia, Romi and Adina, are the Aces in the pack of cards. All are very experienced; superb in their own styles with great energy and are wonderful people. You cannot go wrong with either one. I have tried a fair few masseuse from massage rooms, all great but these three, are just a touch better. :clap: :clap: :clap: :crazy: :clap: :clap:

Posted by andre Rated:

Had an amazing half hour Thai and one hour Classic massage by the very lovely and friendly Polina. Thank you so much :)

Posted by Rayhan Rated:

Noelia has saved my life! What an amazing and relaxing massage! Highly recommended :) Thanks Noelia!

Posted by Cibelle Rated:

I booked 1 hour Deep plus half hour Thai with Polina as was promoted on her profile. Never experienced Thai before so wanted to just give it a try. Well let me just say... this was indeed a deadly combination. It's definitely not for the faint hearted! But if you're brave enough and want to have a painful but very enjoyable and very therapeutic experience then you're definitely in for a treat! :)

Posted by Rayhan Rated:

I have chronic muscle pains and really needed help but I was quite nervous at first about this whole massage thing. Adina was my first therapist. Booked her for a 1 hour deep tissue. I was simply blown away by the experience! Lot of pain I have to say but well worth it :D Beautiful lady, lovely personality and very strong hands!

Posted by Rayhan Rated:

Wonderful treatment, thanks Kasia. On time, on focus and on budget, lol. Thanks! :clap:

Posted by Simon Rated:

This was an amazing experience. As an Executive who travels extensively, you are highly recommended. Easy to book, good to see who is arriving at the door and Romi delivered as you say on your website. Friendly, engaging, very relaxed, GREAT MASSAGE, just awesoem and highly recommended. Romi you were outstanding. Thank you.

Posted by Daryl Rated:

Romi's massage is outstanding. Don't miss out.

Posted by Eric Rated:

Today I had my first massage with Natalia and the 4th overall. All of them have been very good, easily exceeding most of my other massage experiences, however, Natalia was truly exceptional. She knows exactly how far she can go, particularly around the neck area where most therapists lack confidence. If you like hard, she\'s the therapist to go for although I\'m sure that she cam do softer as well.

Posted by Detlef Rated:

Had a wonderful relaxant massage from Adina. Highly recommended. I will certainly be booking her again.

Posted by Nasu Rated:

Massage was good and Adriana did a good job getting the knots out of my back, and her attitude when I asked for adjustments to pressure was very friendly and good. My only problem was that she was 25 minutes late because the online booking system didn't give her enough time between appts. I did book online with only 1 hour notice so maybe be careful booking at such short notice.

Posted by Nish Rated:

Fantastic massage from Ariana left me feeling blissfully relaxed. Highly recommended.

Posted by Dave Rated:

Wonderful massage from Galina. 1 hour of deep tissue massage which really helped with all my knots and 30 minutes of reflexology helped relieve a build up of cramps in my feet and calves. Will definitely use her again! Thank you!

Posted by Sarah Rated:

Fantastic massage. Very professional. Will definitely use again. Thanks Kasia

Posted by Gareth Rated:

Diana was awesome and left me in the most relaxed state I have been in after a massage ever!

Posted by Daniel Rated:

another great relaxing massage from eva . 90 minutes of lomi and this morning I woke feeling ache free and ready for a days rock climbing. 10/10.

Posted by david Rated:

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