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Just had excellent massage with Monika - thank you and definitely be booking again..!

Posted by Scott

Joy is able to connect through her massage leaving one with a pleasant feeling even long after the massage.

Posted by Rob

I just had one of the best massages ever with Joy - and I have had more than 500 massages in my life. Joy is an absolutely amazing therapist who really knows both how to make the client feel comfortable and to give an outstanding massage. I'm so grateful, Joy, it changed my day. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Posted by Michael

I went to Malaysai a few years ago and so I know the people from your country are nice and friendly....and you are totally the same! Thank you Grace for your kind, soft nature and your brill massage ... I feel like a new man! :D :crazy: :D

Posted by SJ

Timea - I wish I was always this relaxed. Thank you for helping me get there!! Thanks!!!

Posted by Raj J

I would like to eco the words so eloquently put by the two writers below. Perhaps the use of their words

Posted by Dr Tanner

Just wanted to give praise to Joy, who is incredibly talented and gave a wonderful deep tissue massage. It was theraputic, relaxing and she immediately made me feel at ease, which is a great talent when visiting someone's home for the first time. Friendly and professional and I look forward to my next visit. Highly recommended - it was a Joy!

Posted by David D

Congrats T.M.R. for finding Karina & signing her up to your service! To put it simply.........WOW!!! Absolutely stunning, so friendly, a good laugh & a touch to die for! Highly recommend a massage with this lovely young lady. I most certainly will be booking her again real soon. :clap:

Posted by Iain

I was lucky to recieve a massage from Karina on Monday Evening. A girl who has incredible warm hands and an excellent theraputic massage technique. You wont regret choosing Karina. From the first smile and her lovely personality to the final touch. In a class of her own. Thank you! :)

Posted by Peter

At first I was impressed, then, I was very impressed. Thank you Simona. Simona is simply the best. Very professional, knowledgable and skillful at her work. A very nice person too. The inflexibility and pain has simply vanished. I have never been so relaxed. Well done and thank you once again Simona. Regards Raj

Posted by Raj

Another two hour massage with Hana yesterday. Simply amazing, by back feels so much better and relaxed. Great firm pressure. Top therapist. Highly recommended. Thanks Hana :clap:

Posted by Yiannis

Gentle and yet firm, professional and yet kind, always on time and yet always takes her time. How can all of these paradoxes exist in one massage? And yet they do. Tunde is the most amazing therapist in London and yet I have to leave London for a while so I will no longer be able to enjoy her massages. Thank you Tunde :clap:

Posted by Al

I just wanted to say how wonderful Martina is. She put me completely as ease as soon as she arrived and then administered the best massage I've ever had. She really does have the most beautiful hands. She has to come back as she left Betty Boop behind!! :super:

Posted by Simon

Karina is friendly and young but very professional and rather strong for her age and size. She punctually arrived at my location and gave me a wonderful full body massage which cured me of some temporary ills and made me feel alot better generally, dramatically improving circulation. Perhaps the best massage I've ever had. :)

Posted by Daniel

Had a massage from natalia on Thursday. The massage was fantastic and she really worked the muscles deep. Very atractive girl which was a big bonus. Kind,friendly and professional. Only disapointments were that she did not massage my glutes - i should have booked an half hour longer

Posted by Martin

Excellent massage from Simona. Good pressure and somehow relaxing too. Ended with a head and scalp massage which was great too. Thank you

Posted by Greg

My massage with Karina the other night (Hilton Paddington) was quite superb - one of the best massages I've had. Distinctly her own style, combining different techniques into one that hangs together and knits the different parts of the body together. Also wonderful mix of deep and soft. A dream, really. And so gracious with it all (not to mention distractingly beautiful...) Thank you Karina.

Posted by Gary N

I had a 2 hour, full body massage from Karina, which was absolutely wonderful. She did a combination of classic and deep massage with long flowing strokes in places. She made me feel so relaxed, it was a real luxury and a pleasure to meet such a nice friendly massage therapist. You should definitely book her, highly recommended. Kind regards. :) :)

Posted by Mark

Booked 2 hour session with Martina. very impressed! great personality and next day my back feels amazing and looser. Dekuji moc Martina, would definitely recommend and rebook. Y.

Posted by Y.

Wohww...I just experienced a wonderfull masssage from Martina and feeling totally relaxed, her head massage put me off my feet and I hope to see her soon again. She is very friendly. In one word; recommended! :clap:

Posted by Jakub

Once again i was lucky to experience a truly amazing massage from Hana. She is a lovely and easy to get on with girl with a truly magical touch. I shall definately be booking again, just waiting until next time im in London :).

Posted by Peter

I had a massage with Hana and i felt i was in heaven, thank you for making me feel so good. :)

Posted by Bruno

This evening I had a massage from Martina. It was one of the best ever - extremely relaxing and enjoyable. While she is an expert on technique, her lovely personality and warmth comes through in her touch. I strongly recommend it to anyone who appreciates the special things in life.

Posted by Alex

Had a wonderful massage from Tunde. Highly recommended. :)

Posted by Justin

Had a wonderful massage with Grace on Monday 27thJune. She is very friendly and excellent at her job. Will be booking her again. :super:

Posted by Trevor

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