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Last updated on: 27/06/2019
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Do you want your massage therapist to like you more?

Massage therapists are often kind natured, openhearted personalities with a natural affinity for mankind. So chances are your therapist probably already likes you at least a little bit. But follow these little tips and tricks and you could gain even more favour with your favourite.


It’s Good For You If Your Therapist Likes You

You might think you do not care either way but to be frank, it would be a little strange if you did not want your therapist to like you. After all if someone does not like you, they are less likely to be able to make you feel better. And what is massage therapy if it’s not about feeling better?

The primary role of massage is to reduce stress and make people feel better. Sometimes that means focusing on the physical aspects of your body, such as applying trigger point therapy to relieve tension in tight muscles. At other times, we simply need relaxation of the mind by receiving a gentle and loving touch. Real massage is often about delivering empathy through touch. 

So how can you increase your chances of getting the best possible treatment by making your therapist like you even more?


1. Choose the best therapist for you

Before anything else, to improve your chances of getting the best possible massage, you should pay attention to a few things before you confirm your online massage booking. 

Read the profiles of those therapists that can visit your postcode. These not only describe their skills but also an element of each ones personality. Choosing someone who might have a similar personality to your own gives you a great head start. 

Of course, one photo and a relatively short description about your chosen masseuse or masseur can only give some indication of their personality. But use these indicators together with your gut instinct and you will improve your chances of choosing a therapist that you will get on with.


2. Therapists prefer well-prepared clients

They say first impressions count and it is no different when it comes to massage therapy.

If your masseuse arrives to find you completely unprepared for your massage, it can be a little frustrating – especially if they have a busy day ahead.

Follow our simple tips to prepare your room before your massage therapist arrives. It will increase your chances of making a good first impression with him or her. 

Plan to have had a warm shower a few minutes before they arrive. This way your muscles have already started relaxing and you are clean and ready to welcome your therapist into your home once they arrive.

Therapists love clean and ready clients!


3. Be friendly

Your massage is first and foremost about you. We know that very well and the practitioners on our platform are trained to understand and value this also.

Sometimes things can go slightly differently to how you might have been expecting. For example your masseuse may be running a few minutes late due to unexpected travel issues in London or play some music that is not quite to your personal taste. Or perhaps she may mishear your request to massage your feet last and instead start with them first. 

A little annoying, we know. But in so far as you are able, we recommend you take a deep breath in if any such minor mishaps happen. Then smile and explain your position clearly in a friendly tone of voice.

Good therapists understand that each client has different preferences and are only too happy to do their best to please. So tell them nicely. They’ll like you more for it. 

The most popular customers often treat their massage therapists just like they treat friends.


4. Respect goes a long way

This one probably goes without saying, but being a mobile massage therapist in London is a demanding job.

A busy day of intensive treatments, on-demand asap booking requests and dealing with some of the world’s busiest streets and public transport mean stress can quickly pile up. Even for the most calm natured of masseuses. 

Stand out as one of the many good men and women who are respectful of the therapeutic services that professional mobile masseurs and masseuses provide.

You will enjoy a better quality treatment every minute of doing so.


5. Tip the scales to your advantage 

We all like a bit of pressure to be applied during our massage treatment. However, once it is over, any good therapist wants you to simply relax and feel no more stress at all.

If you loved your massage and felt that your therapist really stood out for his or her efforts, then feel free to give them a tip. How much to tip is completely up to you. 

Your therapist will of course appreciate any such kind gesture and probably like you even more than they already did. Importantly, there is never any pressure to give a tip, so please do not feel obliged if you are not completely comfortable doing so. 

Massage and good karma are best friends. Create a new friendship by trying out some of the above tips next time you book a treatment.


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