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Last updated on: 10/09/2018
Couples spa days at home mean you can easily relax in the bath while your partner gets a massage

A key ingredient of any relaxing or detox spa day should be calm. As many of us already know, tranquillity is not a typical London characteristic. So how can you arrange a successful couples spa day if you live in London?

The raw truth is that spas in London are often crowded with customers and busy pressured workers. They also have to cater for a wide range of tastes for many different customer types. This can mean the spa ambience may not be to your personal liking.

Have you considered arranging your couples spa day at home instead? It’s easier than you may think and has many benefits. Follow the itinerary below for an easy and successful luxurious spa day for 2 at home. The plan can be especially useful if you have left things to the very last minute, as all the options mentioned below can be arranged for the same day.



We have all heard of stories of disappointment when arriving at a spa and finding it not quite as you had been expecting. Even when the spa gets it all right, there’s often no way to avoid the exhausting journey back home through London’s busy streets at the end. Opt instead for head to toe relaxation from morning to evening by having your treat arranged at home.

One great benefit for having your spa day at home is that you can be in control of every aspect. You can choose who performs your spa treatment or what background music is playing to exactly how warm your room is and what you will eat or drink.

If you prefer to get away from your own home for a bit of a change of scenery, you can always rent a house or flat for the day with services like AirBnB or check into a hotel. We recommend you book somewhere near you, so that travel does not cause a distraction.


Couples Massage

Start off by booking yourself and your partner a couples massage on that day. A very popular option is to book a single masseuse for 2 hours (for just £90 if you use our offer discount code TMR33) and split the session into two one-hour treatments. Two relaxing back massages, back-to-back! That way, one of you can receive some idyllic relaxation whilst the other gets on with preparing further romantic treats in another room. Or indeed just retire to the bath tub for a long luxurious soak alone with a large glass of wine! Me-time is good time when it comes to utmost relaxation. If you prefer to have your massages together, you can simply book two therapists to visit together.

Mobile massage therapists are happy to visit you at your own home, a rented place or a hotel. Just let them know in advance that you are booking for a home spa day and they will do their best to fit in around your plans. Your masseuse may even provide some helpful tips on how to make your day of relaxation better.



Before your massage therapist arrives, ensure that you have prepared your surroundings for maximum effect. Follow our guide to get all five senses flowing with dreamy anticipation. A great romantic spa day at home is about getting the balance right. You and your partner will enjoy the day more if what you feel, see, smell, hear and taste appeals and calms your mind and your body.



Use warm lighting bulbs (as opposed to those labelled as cool) for a more candle like glow through your home. Better still light some candles. An array of candles throughout every room can really create a heavenly atmosphere. It does not have to cost the earth, as you can buy intersperse each nicer more luxurious candle with lots of good value tea lights around the base.



Soft dulcet tones of your favourite musical tracks set the scene for relaxation ahead. Follow our tips on choosing the best music for you and your partner on the day and ensure you put the playlist on repeat so that there are no awkward silent moments in the middle of your treatments.



As well as providing soft lighting, if you choose scented candles or heated aromatherapy oils, these can bring calming romantic scents to your chosen environment. You will be surprised how much of a positive effect the smells, sounds and lighting can make to the success of your spa day.



Key to any great spa day is of course the treatments that you will enjoy. Choose a therapist who has a profile that matches your and your partner's requirements and always communicate freely to let them know exactly what you would like. A professional therapist will always be happy to hear how you are feeling throughout your treatment and adjust accordingly to ensure you are always comfortable.


Live, Love, Eat

To round off a perfect day of self-indulgence for you and a loved one, make sure nobody has to worry about cooking. Instead simply order food to be delivered to your doorstep using one of the many services in London. To minimise any risk of delay on the day, it is a good idea is to pre-order as much in advance as you can and let them know it is for a special occasion.

If you really want to treat your partner and yourself, consider a service like Supper which brings food from some of London’s finest restaurants straight to your home or hotel room.



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