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Last updated on: 18/09/2019
Best mobile massage therapists in London, 5 star reviews

Identifying the best mobile massage therapists in London requires careful consideration. We recommend you take each of the following aspects into account (including the secret factor) before you make up your own mind about which therapists massage London better.



Reviews, feedback and star ratings from customers are a popular way to check the quality of a service, especially online.

Reviews can definitely some valuable insights about what to expect in terms of level of service. We are certainly proud of our own 5-star review ratings that have been consistently obtained from verified customers since 2010.

But online reviews should also be read with a degree of caution. Putting aside the possibility of being presented with false reviews (both positive and negative), the key point to consider is that reviews are by their very nature a personal opinion.

And when it comes to therapeutic massage therapy, the opinion of one person may differ wildly from that of another – even for the exact same service.

We have seen customers highly praise a particular therapist as the very best massage therapist they have ever experienced after receiving many treatments all around the world. Only then to be followed by another customer state that the very same therapist was much less preferred to another.

Massage is very much a matter of personal preferences and connections. The depth of pressure you feel from the therapist’s touch to the level of empathy that occurs between you and your therapist are all-important considerations.

So bear in mind, while five star review ratings may improve the chance that you will be selecting one of the best mobile massage therapists in London, there is no guarantee that you will feel the same way when the same therapist visits your home.


The Therapist

The single most important factor in determining the best massage therapist for you is to consider the therapist’s published profile. This sets out not only their experience and skills in massage but also their personality and character. All key factors in determining the rating of a therapist.

Seems obvious right? But you might be surprised at how many people do not even read therapists profiles before making a selection.


The extent of formal qualifications and training that a massage therapist has obtained during their career is one obvious aspect in determining whether a therapist should be highly rated.

For example, if you are searching for the best remedial full body Swedish massage, then it is of course essential that you consider therapists who are qualified in that treatment type.

But we believe certain other qualities matter even more.


The number of years and level of experience that a masseur or masseuse has in performing therapeutic massages is, we believe, one of the most important considerations of judging whether a therapist will be one of the greatest.

As the saying goes: We can teach from experience, but we cannot teach experience!


Massaging someone better is a wonderful thing. And to be able to do it really well, you basically need to be a nice person. Touching someone you may never have met before, connecting with their personality and even sharing in their worries are all positive aspects of good therapy.

The very best massage therapists are those that believe in giving real massage.


It is possible for a good therapist to possess all the above characteristics but still not make it as one of the best therapists in London.

What good is being qualified, experienced and even highly compassionate, if you do not actually turn up for bookings?

Reliability is key to making it as one of the best massage therapists. This is especially true in dynamic city environments such as London, where many clients have busy diaries and time is so valuable.


If you are after the most authentic and very best Thai massage, you will most probably find it in Thailand. However spending upwards of £500 and 2 days to travel there and back, probably means that it would not be the best Thai massage for you.

So when searching for the best massage treatment, you should also consider the impact of the therapist’s location for you.

Massage therapists who offer a mobile service have an immediate rating advantage as this means that they will come to you and save you the trouble of travelling.

This is an important factor in determining the best service since not having to travel to and back from your massage session further helps you relax. In London there are many on-demand visiting massage services to choose from and many customers believe that this factor alone elevates these providers above the traditional brick and mortar salons.



Ah, the prickly subject of money. Surely that should not be a determining factor in finding the best massage therapist?

Whilst for many things in life, the adage “you get what you pay for” is largely true, when it comes to therapeutic massage it is not the most important factor by far.

Sure, you can book yourself into one of the most expensive treatments in the world but doing so will not guarantee that you will get the best massage ever.

Before considering cost, award review points for the factors listed under the Therapist section above.


And finally

We should discuss the secret factor that we mentioned at the very beginning. To find the very best massage therapists in London for you, you need to consider yourself first.

That’s right. You are that secret ingredient.

Individual chemistry between the client and the therapist is the factor that can elevate a really excellent massage to the very best massage.

To give yourself an improved chance of finding the best massage therapist in London - for you - consider following some of these tips for getting on better with your therapist and put them into action during your next session.


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