Who Is The Best Massage Therapist In London?

Category: Massage Posted: 07 Jul 2018

Posted: 07 Jul 2018

holding the award trophy for the best massage therapist in london

Lots of factors affect who the best massage therapist is and also where is the best place to get a therapeutic massage in London. Independent review ratings, ambience and therapist skill levels are some of the more obvious ones. Additionally, how much it will cost you, the range of styles on offer, convenience and comfort all matter too. In our view, all of these things are important but if you genuinely want to find the very best massage for you then the most important factor of them all something else altogether and something only you can make the final judgement on. Let's see if we can help you choose the best massage for you. 


Five-Star Reviews

We all love to see five-star ratings. Reviews, feedback and ratings are very popular on the internet. Most of us have spent time crawling through reviews from people we know nothing about hoping to find advice on what we decision we should make. Reviews can of course be helpful but should certainly not be the sole consideration in your decision making process. Opinions are very personal and in certain circumstances can be quite misleading, even unintentionally. When assessing a highly personal and bespoke service such as full-body massage, you need something more than other people's opinions alone. 

We are proud to have received lots of really positive feedback over the years, with many five-star ratings. Feel free to browse through our feedback and ratings but bear in mind that every positive review is that customer's own opinion of the therapist that visited them. It is genuine and helpful, but it is not a guarantee of what you personally will feel if the same therapist visits you. Good reviews can improve the chance that you'll find your best but are not the answer alone. 


Location and Ambience

Consider where you will have to travel to in London to receive your massage treatment. You may be searching for the best relaxing massage and find a spa which scores highly in many of the respects discussed here. It could have a great setting and well-regarded relaxation specialists all at a price that you are happy with. But if it is located on the other side of London meaning you would have to travel in the sweltering heat or pouring rain for over an hour to get there and get back home, is that spa the best choice for you? Probably not. 

We think when it comes to choosing the best location, nothing beats an outcall home or hotel visiting massage service like TheMassageRooms, where the therapists simply travel to you. Little else could be more convenient than the massage being brought directly to you. When it comes to ambience, you have total freedom and control over setting up your room in whichever way suits you best.


Best Masseuse or Masseur in London

Most reviews of about the best massages focus on businesses. We think this is wrong and our reviews back that up. Sure, we receive lovely reviews telling us how nice our website was and how easy the online booking process was but time and again, the real love that we see is for the therapist who performed the treatment. That should be no surprise of course. 

So look for the best massage therapist in London, not massage place. Many a jewel has been found in an attic or disused shed. We're not suggesting the world's best masseuse may be hiding in your loft but just that you should look beyond the setting and right through to who will actually carry out your massage. There are no World Championships to help you identify the best masseuse or masseur. You can get a great indication of a massage therapist’s skillset and personality (more about that in a bit) from their published profile

We believe empathy, experience, reliability and above all else a passion for real massage are the most important qualities to look for when searching for the best masseuse or masseur. All the therapists that work with The Massage Rooms have been tested, trained and quality checked to ensure they pass.


Range of Techniques

If you randomly pick ten people who all desperately want a massage in London, you are likely to find that between them they will be seeking very different styles of massage. That's why we think assessing the number of treatment styles any provider can offer is another important factor.

Deep Tissue (or medical) massage is one of the most popular requests, closely followed by relaxing classic Swedish massage. But there are also many people who want completely different styles such as only Foot Reflexology or Thai massage. The more of these techniques that are on offer to the customer, the more deserving that place should be of the best massage in London award.



If you are lucky enough to be a position where money is no object, you will probably know that you can usually get the very best if you are willing to pay handsomely for it. This can also be true - but only to some extent - in massage. However, even with all the money in the world at your disposal, you cannot buy that extra-special secret ingredient that we discuss next. But if you are simply looking for the most expensive massage in the world, rather than the best, then yes money can indeed help you get that quite easily.


The Secret Ingredient

The award for the best massage service in London absolutely must go to the therapist who understands that every massage should be completely bespoke and individually tailored for that particular client's needs. The masseuse (or masseur) must be highly skilled not only at massage but also at building a rapport with you. You should quickly feel at ease and get along with each other comfortably. Letting this newly introduced person touch and massage you should feel totally natural. So, our secret to finding the best massage, is simply individual chemistry.

The question we would ask is 

“Where is the best massage therapist for me in London?”

Reviews, location, technique and the various other things discussed above do matter and contribute towards finding the perfect massage. But the most important factor of them all is finding the right therapist for you. We believe massage is not a luxury but one of life’s necessities, a bit like food and drink. Finding your favourite massage will similarly be a process of trial and error and take time. Just like your favourite meal, it is pretty unlikely that you will find your favourite massage therapist on your first attempt. Even if you absolutely love your first ever massage with us, we strongly recommend you try several more with different masseuses. Imagine if you were still naming the first meal you ever enjoyed simply because you had decided that was going to be your favourite forever. That may sound crazy, but many people do exactly that when it comes to massage. Those in the know however, continue to explore and experience difference therapists until they find the one. When you do, you’ll just know, trust us! 

We believe we have found the best massage in London, through finding the best therapists. It was not an easy process and nor will yours be. Now it's over to you to find the best therapist for you personally. We hope that on your journey you have some wonderful experiences. When you do find your favourite, let us know! Even then we recommend you have the majority of your treatments with your favourite but occasionally open your mind and try someone new. Just like food. You never know you may love it even more!