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Last updated on: 18/09/2018
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Heard the latest smoothie machine gossip? Massage has the hots for Yoga!

Both emerging from ancient Vedic teachings and practices from India, yoga and massage are interwoven in their approach to happiness and wellbeing.

Calm breathing techniques, deep muscle stretches, healthier eating and spiritual chakra energy are core. 

If you decide to explore yoga and begin to wonder how pilates or PNF stretching might help improve your yoga positions, there’s a blogger somewhere in London posting good stuff.

Discover our five favourite London based yoga blogs that could help you improve your health alongside your regular massages.



The Shala

Woman practicing yoga, complementing massage for relaxation.The Shala is a highly respected multi-faculty yoga and pilates studio founded by Gingi Lee in 1997 which is now based in West Norwood, South London.

Their contemporary designed blog covers a wide range of subjects from birth relaxation techniques to yoga teacher training and complements the classes and therapies they offer in person.

This blog is a great source for any yogist, experienced or newcomer. Once you have read a few of their articles, consider getting one of our Thai Yoga massages at home to get your muscles fully relaxed before attending a class at the Shala.



Yoga London

Woman stretching in yoga pose, synergising with massage therapy.Founded by Edward Serrano and Rebecca French, this yoga teacher training school based near Tower Bridge offers a wide range of accredited programmes for those looking to become yoga instructors.

You can learn everything from the anatomy of the human body to meditation and chanting at this centre.

Their blog outlines classes and courses as well as providing some great tips like how to achieve your dream pose, like the one above. 



Stillpoint Yoga

Woman in yoga pose showcasing balance, reflecting massage benefits.In the same year that we opened, Scott Johnson opened his centre aimed as helping and inspiring people at all levels of yoga to improve their practice of ashtanga yoga.

This blog aims to reflect what real life experiences and includes views from yoga practitioners, teachers and students. 

A wonderfully compassionate blog that inspires good karma. As we mentioned earlier on, massage and yoga are a match made in happiness heaven.



Mind Body Bowl

Bowl of nutritious food aligning with a yoga and massage wellness lifestyle.Mind Body Bowl is where Annie Clarke, a qualified yoga instructor, shares her thoughts and healthy recipes to inspire others to achieve a better balance in their day-to-day existence.

From informative articles on how to better dealing with stress and anxiety to regular updates about retreats, this blog is a great place to start your journey into the world of yoga. 

Think of this as a 'real yoga' blog similar to our article about real massage.





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