Benefits of Chocolate Massage for Relaxation

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Last updated on: 05/07/2019
Enjoying a chocolate massage for relaxation

With World Chocolate Day (also known as International Chocolate Day) just around the corner on 7 July, let's whet your appetite by delving into what chocolate massage is all about. No, we did not just make it up for this celebration day, the treatment really does exist!

Personally, my opinion is, if you need a high-quality massage treatment then choosing to have a mobile massage at home is an excellent choice as it offers many additional relaxation benefits over and above a visit to the local spa. However, it is fair to say that some specific treatments just do not work in a mobile massage setting and are much better suited to a spa environment. Unless you are feeling particularly adventurous, or have a very obliging cleaner, chocolate massage is one such treatment.


What is a chocolate massage?

You've probably already guessed it but may not believe it. Chocolate massage is exactly what it sounds like - you are massaged using liquid chocolate instead of oils or creams. That's right, prepare to be dipped in chocolate!

But before you rush off to the local spa to get your free fill of chocolate with a massage thrown in, it is probably worth noting that the chocolate which is used in these massage treatments is not the sort you can pick up at your local sweet shop. Therapists use a blend of large amounts of melted cocoa paste with a standard massage base oil (such as almond) and usually add some minerals and essential oils. All of which means the chocolate that is used for massage might look and smell very appealing, but it is probably a lot better for your skin than it is for your digestion!


How is a chocolate massage performed?

Aside from a gorgeously relaxing scent of warm chocolate and the psychological wonders of being smeared with chocolate (do not underestimate how good that feels!), a chocolate massage in essence uses the same techniques as a relaxing classic Swedish massage. So expect a good deal of softer, soothing effleurage strokes interspersed with a little light kneading and gentle rubbing around your main muscles.

The emphasis of a chocolate massage treatment is to provide skin deep relaxation in an environment of luxurious indulgence, thus providing a bit of physical muscle relaxation and skin purifying benefits together with lots of mental stress relief. We would say it is closer to a typical high quality spa beauty treatment and more about the application of beneficial minerals into skin than about relaxing muscles or removing deep set anxiety as is the case in real massage.

Think of chocolate massage as treating yourself to an hour or so of celebrity level pampering for a special day - and we all need a bit of that from time to time.

At the end of your treatment, you will be covered in chocolate from head to toe. So you will need to carefully move yourself to a nearby shower to wash off ... probably leaving traces of messy chocolate along the way. And don't even mention the bed or table that you were laying on during your treatment. Not a pretty sight. Unsurprisingly then, most people do not want to have a chocolate massages at home and they are generally not available on a mobile basis.

By the way, on your way to the shower, do not be tempted to lick that gorgeous smelling melted chocolate! Remember it will have been mixed with various base oils and essential minerals to provide better lubrication and detoxifying benefits for your skin. It might look good but it is probably no longer fit for consumption.


Why chocolate rather than oil

Chocolate contains large amounts of anti-oxidants, which are great for skin elasticity. Regular application of anti-oxidants are believed to help firm up saggy skin. Ever noticed how toddlers have such great skin? Could it be rubbing all that chocolate over their faces every time they eat some? We are of course kidding - stick to a professional chocolate massage treatment rather than eating your next bar like a 3 year old.

Dark chocolate, which contains 70 percent or more cocoa, contains the largest proportions of anti-oxidants. Cocoa also contains natural oils with moisturising properties akin to those found in more traditional oils used for massage. So, as you can see, this treatment has many similarities to beauty treatments.

The luxurious scent and decadent indulgence of seeing a large pot of melting chocolate waiting to be smeared professionally all over you to enhance your beauty certainly creates a Cleopatrian image. A good quality chocolate massage treatment will almost certainly uplift your mood and help promote the release of lots of happy hormones throughout your body.


Prefer real massage to beauty based relaxation?

There is no reason why you can't combine a real high-quality relaxation massage at home from one of our qualified passionate therapists with the benefits of chocolate. We just recommend you keep the two a few centimetres apart! Discover how you can enjoy both chocolate and proper massage in our related post.


Whichever way you decide to celebrate World Chocolate Day, make sure it makes you happy!


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