Free Massage? Are you Having a Laugh?

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Last updated on: 23/08/2023
Man laughing heartily experiencing a free massage from laughter

Ever wished for a free massage? Laughter might just be your answer.

Here's a little clue as to why:

A woman boards a bus with her baby.

The driver exclaims, "Wow, that's quite the baby!"

Upset, she moves to the bus's rear and confides in a fellow passenger about the driver's rudeness.

The passenger responds, "You should confront him. Here, let me watch your monkey while you do."


If that brought a smile to your face, congratulations! You just experienced the joy of massage through laughter at no cost!



How Laughter Massages You Better

From reducing stress and anxiety to pain, massage is a potent therapy, often complementing conventional medicine. But how does laughter tie into this? Interestingly, laughter might just be nature's own free massage for our body.

Laughing heartily ignites a cascade of positive physical and biological reactions. Most of us have observed the joyous transformation a good joke brings to a face – about 40 facial muscles dancing in delight. But the true magic unfolds beyond just the face.

While you're consumed in a fit of laughter, your breathing rhythm shifts. In moments of intense amusement, you might find yourself short of breath, tears streaming down, or even trying hard not to have a little "accident".

And that’s not the end of it. Ever experienced a belly ache from laughing too hard? That's your diaphragm—the muscular partition under your lungs which aids breathing—undergoing involuntary spasms. These rapid contractions tug at your lateral muscles, ribs, and abdomen. Essentially, your midsection undergoes a series of rapid convulsions, increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood. This internal jiggle feels somewhat akin to massage therapy.

Just as a massage alleviates stress, so does laughter.

A good laugh enhances blood circulation in the brain and releases a cocktail of feel-good hormones. The result? An uplifted mood and a revitalized body. Think of laughter as your free massage therapy. After all, it’s nature’s way of ensuring we feel better. So, go ahead and embrace the joy – it's therapeutic!



Why Pay When Laughter Gives a Free Massage?

Gifting someone a burst of laughter is truly rewarding, both for them and for you. 

Want a free massage? Try laughter! Connect with a friend, let loose, and chuckle until your sides ache. You'll discover that deep, heartwarming laughter gives you an exhilarating internal massage without a price tag.

If you're struggling to find a source of humour, how about trying a simple foot massage session with a friend? The ticklish sensations often lead to spontaneous giggles, offering another route to your zero cost massage!

Of course, professional comedians are adept at inducing laughter. While their services aren't free, they masterfully resonate with our core emotions. They set a comfortable atmosphere, gently assess our humour threshold, and then delve deep, evoking hearty laughs, leaving us euphoric. Sounds quite like the methods of a skilled massage therapist, doesn't it? Both comedians and massage therapists use empathy to heal and uplift.

Considering the immense health benefits, a hearty laugh, much like a good value professional massage, offers unbeatable value. But remember, with laughter, you can often enjoy that rejuvenating free massage anytime, anywhere!



Laughter and Massage: A Perfect Pair

Both laughter and massage make us feel great. But did you know they work even better together?

Imagine laughing before getting a massage. Your muscles relax and it's easier for the massage to do its magic.

Now, think about laughing after a massage. You already feel calm, so the laugh feels even better. It's like when two good friends team up; they bring out the best in each other.

So, next time you go for a massage, think about adding some giggles. It's a simple way to feel even better!


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