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Last updated on: 20/06/2018
Massage therapist Hajni snorkelling on holiday

We believe the very best massages come from excellent physical touch combined with empathy and some personal connection between you and your therapist.

From time to time we invite therapists to tell us a bit more about themselves and feature their stories. This is our first such piece – from one of our most established and loved therapists, Hajni. 

Hajni is from Hungary, which has some of Europe's best natural spa and massage centres. Masseuse Hajni offers the following massage treatment types: Classic | Deeper | Lomi Lomi | Jet Lag | Reflexology | PregnancyOffice & Events

We hope you enjoy reading Hajni's story as much as we did!

Hajni's Story

Massage is very popular in Hungary, with several main spa towns. Having worked in her parent’s pub in Hungary for five years, Hajni had started to feel like a change but, like many of us in the same situation, had little idea which path to follow in that respect.

She continued to think about this until one day she met a man who worked as a masseur. He loved his job and told Hajni about his work and how he enjoyed it. He sounded so passionate, so much in love with his work, that this in itself sparked a genuine curiosity in her about massage.

Hajni started to search for local massage training schools, but each time she found one and checked it out, she did not feel a natural attraction or desire to join their courses. Getting a little frustrated with the continued search for the right place to learn, she told her best friend about her plans to explore the world of massage and perhaps even train as a therapist. Her friend told her about a man she knew, who ran his own massage academy and was a genuinely nice person.

On this recommendation from her best friend, Hajni decided to take the plunge! Firstly, she booked a massage treatment with this teacher as she wanted to experience for herself what his massage felt like and whether it would be someone she would feel comfortable learning from. She had never actually even received a massage before … and now she was about to receive her very first massage from someone who ran their own academy of massage.

The massage Hajni received on that day was, and still is, most definitely the best massage she has ever had! It was a real massage.

Her masseur had wonderfully skilled hands … and an awe-inspiring technique, delivered with genuine passion for massage, which Hajni immediately fell in love with. She soon forgot about any stresses and problems that had been niggling at her and felt like she was walking on air, above the clouds. At the end of the massage, feeling completely calm and de-stressed, her mind returned to planet Earth and even this looked like a much better place to be than before her treatment. The massage had simply made everything feel nicer for Hajni.

"I never thought a massage can be such an amazing feeling”, says Hajni, “this is exactly what I would like to be able to give to others!"

Hajni joined the academy and trained with her masseur for four years, before moving to London as a fully trained and experienced massage therapist herself. She remains good friends with her teacher and thinks fondly of him, for all that he has taught her.

Hajni had always liked caring about people, often keen to empathise with the thoughts and feelings of others around her. Now she feels she can care even deeper by offering sincere remedial help both physically and emotionally, by using the skills she has learnt in massage.

"I believe that everything happens for a reason and life guided me to this man and to this job" says Hajni with a beaming smile

Hajni moved to London in 2012, the year the London was hosting the Olympics. It was busy and hectic, but also full of excitement, opportunity and hope. She started working with The Massage Rooms within two weeks of arriving in London.

"I love working with The Massage Rooms. It allows me to travel around London – and travelling is my favourite hobby! I also get to meet different people from all around the world, visit beautiful hotels that I might not otherwise have seen and get to peek into the real lives of Londoners when I visit their houses or flats, during a home visit massage!"

Hajni was born in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest. She smiles fondly when asked about her home nation and says, for her, Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

"People are so friendly and helpful, especially when you visit the countryside. We have some of the best thermal springs in Europe, with wonderful healing properties. You must visit to try them and our food too, it remains my favourite even after travelling all around the world!"

Hajni’s favourite massage style is a twist on the classic Swedish massage, by incorporating elements of Lomi Lomi and Ayurvedic massage, using her forearms as well as hands and fingers, in long flowing movements. 

One of the things she loves about working as a freelance massage therapist with The Massage Rooms is the freedom she has to book long holidays whenever she wishes and travel around the world.

"I am lucky to have been able to visit some really amazing places in the world but my top two favourites are Egypt and Australia. I love Egypt so much that I’ve been several times, particularly loving the unbelievable Red Sea’s sea-life. I love snorkelling and scuba diving and could spend literally hours in the sea just watching the fish or turtles."

Hajni is one of our most experienced masseuses with many regular clients who love her! She covers a large part of London, so may very well be near you right now. She works several days a week with us, so just enter your postcode into our online Booking System and see if you can be lucky enough to experience a Hajni massage today!



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