Halloween-Themed Massage Ideas

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Last updated on: 29/10/2019
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The popular American tradition of celebrating Halloween continues to gain popularity in England and it means tricks, treats, pumpkins and parties. Whether you are looking forward to a night of fancy dress and spooky surprises or hoping to duck it all, you could book a mobile massage therapist to make your next 31 October in London a more enjoyable night all round.


Event and Party Bookings

If you are hosting a party this Halloween, think about booking a mobile massage therapist to attend your event for some or all of it.

You can choose to have a short one-hour session in the middle of your party (professional mobile therapists are usually available in central London until 11:30pm) or book them for the whole party if you are feeling generous.

Get a spooky costume for your therapist to wear and she could wander amongst your party guests during the evening, making them smile (or scream). We recommend a loose fitting ghost outfit for your party masseuse since as well as being suitably spooky it also allows your therapist to move around freely whilst performing short massages on guests.

Guests love the fun of being approached by a ghost with flailing arms who then offers them a rejuvenating 5-minute neck, shoulder and upper back on-site massage.

Make sure you take plenty of photos of your guests being massaged by a ghost to help create a great Halloween party photo album.


Halloween Humbugs

For those who loathe Halloween, it's pretty easy to avoid it in London. Except perhaps for a few unexpected children ringing the front doorbell hoping for treats while you are trying to relax during the evening.

Most celebrators follow the simple rule of 'trick or treating' which is to only visit homes that have Halloween decorations displayed.

So if you don't want kids knocking on your door, avoid placing a beautifully carved pumpkin in your front garden or decorating windows with spray spider webs and luminous ghosts.

Although, there is an argument to suggest that a completely undecorated, dark, house may be seen by the bravest of children as the most spooky of all and worth a visit for perfoming a trick!

We recommend you book yourself a massage for the evening and enjoy it in a room far away from the front of the house, with your favourite music playing to drown out any knocks at the door.

Just bear in mind, if you are expecting to relax with a massage at home instead of celebrating Halloween and you get a knock at the front door, it might simply be your mobile massage therapist arriving a little early.


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