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Last updated on: 09/05/2019
Hand Reflexology massage introduction and benefits

Unlock the secrets of hand reflexology - a powerful technique that offers relaxation and whole body health benefits.

Hand reflexology often gets skipped during massages, but it shouldn't! A hand massage takes just a few minutes and can leave you feeling instantly relaxed.

The benefits go beyond just feeling good, though. Hand reflexology can also help clear blocked sinuses and even improve the function of vital organs like your kidneys and liver.

Maybe it's time to give hand reflexology the attention it deserves?


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Hand reflexology has its roots in ancient China. Similar to Shiatsu massage, it relies on the concept of "Qi," an unseen energy flowing through our bodies:

  • This energy travels along meridians, like pathways.
  • Blockages in these channels can disrupt the flow and make us feel unwell.
  • Reflexology uses pressure points to find and clear these blockages.

The goal? Simple! It's to restore the flow of energy and promote overall health!


How is a hand massage performed?

While anyone can give a relaxing hand massage, for the full benefits, consider booking a qualified reflexologist. Our therapists have in-depth knowledge of the numerous pressure points on each hand. They understand which points correspond to different body parts.

You can use a hand reflexology chart, like the one below, to map these connections for easy reference:

A downloadable chart showing hand reflexology target points

Download the reflexology chart above for your own use - it's free! 

Experienced hand reflexology therapists, as well as foot reflexology and acupressure Shiatsu experts, know all the reflex points shown above off by heart. They apply this knowledge in a seamless manner during your massage:

  • Your treatment will begin with the therapist comfortably holding your hand. This creates an element of warmth and empathy right from the start.
  • Light pressure is then applied first to find specific points.
  • Once a reflex point is located, circular motions are used to warm it up.
  • The pressure then increases to penetrate deeper and release blockages.
  • This process is repeated for each relevant point on each hand.
  • A hand reflexology session typically lasts 5 minutes per hand, but may take longer if addressing a specific issue.

After your massage, it's recommended to drink cool water after your massage to rehydrate and calm your nerves.

If you're doing a hand reflexology massage on yourself or a friend, remember, pressure points differ between left and right hands!


Which Conditions can Hand Reflexology help with?

Like general massage, reflexology eases anxiety, boosts circulation, and brings temporary pain relief to the hands.

But many believe reflexology goes deeper!

Similar to acupuncture, it targets pressure points on your hands linked to other body parts. By applying pressure to these points, reflexologists believe they can clear blockages in energy channels and help promote overall mental and physical well-being.


Here are the top five conditions people seek hand reflexology for:


Clearing blocked sinuses (using the pressure points at the tips of each finger and the thumbs)

Reducing headache (at and around the first joint of each thumb)

Sciatica pain relief (at the base of the hand, just above the wrist)

Easing constipation or an upset stomach (the fleshy part of the hand between thumb and the index finger)

Conquering stress and anxiety (at the centre of each palm targeting the meridian channel which leads to the adrenal glands)


Whether you choose to adopt the ancient Chinese beliefs about the extended health benefits of reflexology is up to you. We suggest you try it and reach your own conclusion!

Either way, what we do know for sure is that hand massages are one of the most empathetic ways to deliver relaxation therapy and to help others de-stress.

Make sure you allow your therapist the appropriate amount of time during your next full body massage to focus on holding hands too - it's nice.


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