Warning Signs: When Your Body Needs a Massage

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Last updated on: 07/02/2020
Early warning signs that a massage might be needed

Could you need a massage? Certain signs can sometimes indicate that your health and wellness could benefit from a session or more of massage therapy. 

Well before you might suffer something serious like burnout or depression, you can notice subtle signs that a therapeutic massage could be a good idea. Many people only realise that relaxation therapy would have helped prevent ill health after it is too late. Avoid those pitfalls and be perceptive to the following indicators that you might need a massage. 

Key Indicators That You Might Need A Massage

The requirements for massage vary in the type, frequency and intensity that is required from one person to another. The following indicators or symptoms that you may need a massage are given as a guideline. These same symptoms can also be indicative of other conditions in which alternative treatments or therapies might be more suitable.

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Tiredness and fatigue

Ongoing tiredness is the top sign that you may need restorative or relaxation massage therapy. The most common cause of fatigue is poor sleep, caused by a wide array of factors from too much caffeine to underlying medical conditions. If you have been feeling repeatedly worn out, waking up with neck pain or just simply drained of energy, your body could be telling it needs to relax. It is well accepted that a high quality professional soothing massage can help you sleep better. 

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Excess stress 

Feeling anxious or stressed more often than not is the second most cited symptom when people seek massage therapy. Whether caused by never ending work or living a hectic urban lifestyle, mounting mental pressures can lead to more serious issues such as depression if not controlled early. Mindfulness through massage is a great way to reduce mental stress and stop it spiralling out of control.



Setting aside some regular me-time is great for overall health and wellness. But if you have been feeling increasingly alone and isolated, then this is often an early warning sign that you should start to interact with other people more. Spending an hour or two with a massage therapist, most of whom are naturally empathetic, is an excellent solution for breaking the monotony of loneliness.


Feeling fat or unhealthy 

Another common indicator that some massage therapy is what you need is when you find yourself in a vicious circle of unhealthy living. Many of the conditions mentioned above, such as work stress and ongoing loneliness can lead to poor diet and a lack of exercise. Before long you find yourself unfit and overweight. Getting a remedial massage can kickstart your journey back to improved fitness and weight loss.


Back problems 

Lower back pain is a common complaint amongst men and women over 40. The underlying cause can be difficult to identify, even with the help of a medical expert. If you continue to suffer back pain despite various treatments or medications, this could indicate that you have a chronic condition which may be relieved to some extent by regular massages. Although unlikely to fix long terms issues, massage therapy can reduce back pain by improving blood flow to damaged tissues and boosting pain reducing hormones on a short-term basis. People who want a natural alternative to chemicals often prefer massage to painkillers. 

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Increasingly stiff joints and reduced mobility are reliable pointers that a therapeutic massage may be needed. Arthritis occurs when the protective cartilage that surrounds your joints begins to thin and this causes inflexibility and pain in the area. Arthritis is difficult to stop other than with surgery but you can help treat arthritis with massage



Constipation is another common early symptom of an overly hectic and unhealthy lifestyle. Whilst the most common causes of constipation are dehydration and poor diet, it has also been shown that psychological stress can lead to constipation. When we are stressed, our brains divert blood flow towards key organs such as the heart. This in turn means areas like the intestines may suffer a reduced supply which can have a negative effect on digestion. The increase in rate of blood circulation caused by effective stomach massage can help improve the delivery of essential enzymes to the gut and reduce constipation



Being pregnant can bring with it many if not all of the symptoms mentioned here. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed and you have passed your first trimester, a pregnancy massage can be highly effective at reducing many such temporary ailments. Many pregnant women claim that one of the most beneficial experiences during their final few months of pregnancy was a weekly massage. 

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Just "wanting" a massage

Our bodies are amazing machines. Whether or not you are suffering any of the symptoms listed here which indicate that a massage may be required, your intuition is often an even better signal.

You might just be feeling a bit sad, weary or different to your usual self. Maybe you have been getting increasingly agitated by minor issues or have niggling pains which the doctor says are nothing serious. If you find yourself beginning to wonder what a massage is like or looking at massage spas longingly, then your body is telling you that it wants a massage. Don’t ignore it. 


How can you really tell if you need a massage? 

As mentioned at the outset, the symptoms listed here are not unique to issues that massage can help with. Some may just be minor wellness blips that disappear in their own good time. Others could be indicative of underlying medical conditions that warrant further medical investigation. Similarly, you might need and benefit from a massage even if you are not experiencing any of these symptoms. 

Whether you need a massage or not, getting a professional treatment from a highly rated therapist is more likely than not going to make you happier and feel better. So rather than worry about whether you really need a massage, book a treatment and decide afterwards whether it really was needed or just desired. We find that most people are pleasantly surprised either way and can’t wait for their next session.


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