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Last updated on: 04/10/2019
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One small word that can mean the difference between life and death: health. Learn how massage can help protect, restore and maintain your health. 


Massage in a nutshell

Massage is the use of physical pressure to stroke, knead and rub soft tissues to relax tension and ease pain. 

To consider the tactility of massage alone however does not do it justice. True massage therapy also captures the emotional and spiritual aspects of health. In fact, massage is often even more beneficial to mental health than physical. 



It might be best known as an old adage but the saying ‘prevention is the best medicine’ still holds true today. 

Most of us are aware that good diet and regular exercise help protect our health. So we rush around the best health food shops in London and check out expensive gym memberships, often in vain. 

Sometimes all you need to do is stop. Stop, and think. Step away from the frantic panic and look at the world around you. Simply spend a few moments of calm and consider how to best protect your own health. 

This act of stepping back from the detail and taking in the bigger picture is known as mindfulness and is an important first step towards better protecting your health. 

You may find, especially if you live a constantly busy or stressed lifestyle, that being mindful is easier said than done. Fear not, massage can help with results often seen from the very first session. 



Sometimes we just fail. We fail to protect our health and fail to spot early warning signs. 

It is easily done in a city like London which never sleeps. Stress and anxiety are as common as poor posture. For the City’s thousands of office workers, the two are often inextricably linked. 

Drugs and alcohol are popular quick fixes that appear to offer a burst of energy when it is needed most. In the appropriate circumstances these may be an appropriate short-term option. 

But using supplements to deal with physical or mental exhaustion usually causes further deterioration in health deep down rather than restore it. Regular misuse can cause stress to develop into depression or acute aches and pains to become chronic. 

What you really need is a plan to restore your health steadily over the longer term. 

A simple therapeutic massage to ease strains from poor posture can put you on the path to restoring your physical health in as little as 60 minutes. 

Massage therapy can also help restore your mental health. A dedicated programme of two-hour massages, focused on empathy through touch and listening, can help combat the escalation of stress and stop depression developing. 



When all is good, it’s not always good to stop. 

You might have enjoyed several excellent therapeutic massages from a wonderful therapist and subsequently adapted your lifestyle to be a healthier one. Now you feel great – emotionally and physically. 

So, if you feel fit and happy, why book a massage? The answer is simple: to maintain that feeling. 

Even when you have become the picture of good health, you continue to live in an environment full of adverse influences. Rushed meals, travel chaos, urgent work deadlines, late night partying and unexpected bills are all part of the toll of living in a dynamic city like London. 

Once you feel good, maintain your health by continuing to receive regular massages. It may make sense to reduce the frequency or duration, especially if you were previously receiving treatments during a recovery stage. We recommend a 90-minute full body massage at home at least once every eight weeks to help maintain good health. 

If you cannot afford to book a professional mobile massage in London as often as that, you can still use massage to maintain your health. There are plenty of ways to massage yourself or a friend for free. Start off with this simple guide to learn how to give a foot massage in 6 easy steps


Endorsed by Science 

In 2017, an independent study in to the benefits of massage therapy looked at over 4500 reports about relaxation and the benefits of massage over a period of 10 years. The research team concluded that the use of massage therapy for the prevention of disease was highly recommended. 

Sounds like a pretty strong endorsement to us for using massage to protect, restore and maintain your health.


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