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Last updated on: 27/06/2018
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When it comes to the ideal duration for a massage, opinions may vary, but amidst the soothing experience of a splendid home visit mobile massage by our exceptional therapists, the desire for your massage to last forever might not seem as far-fetched as it initially sounds. In this article, we'll delve into this topic.

You can schedule a visit from a massage therapist for various durations, starting from 60 minutes and extending upwards. An hour is the shortest option, primarily because anything shorter becomes economically unfeasible due to travel time. 



60 minutes ("The Starter")

"The Starter" massage is an excellent choice if you seek a relatively quick treatment, especially if you want the masseuse to focus on specific areas of your body.

Opting for a 60-minute session also makes sense for first-timers in the world of home visit massages. It's a cost-effective way to experience a full-body massage at home, priced at just £59 for an hour. Whether it's your first time ever or your first time with a particular therapist, the 60-minute option offers an opportunity to see if it suits you without a significant commitment. "The Starter" is our second most popular booking duration.

If you really only need a short 30 minute treatment - which can work well for foot reflexology or a jet lag recovery massage - then consider booking an hour and splitting it half and half with a friend. That would represent great value and our therapists are fine with that as long as there's no delay in the switchover. 



90 minutes ("The Regular")

Among customers in search of a home or hotel visiting massage, 90 minutes reigns supreme as the most popular choice. During interviews with experienced massage therapists, nearly all of them emphasise that 90 minutes is the ideal duration for a truly satisfying full-body massage. This one-and-a-half-hour session ensures that every part of your body receives the warmth and attention it deserves, resulting in an unrushed, blissful massage. Moreover, since this is a commonly chosen duration, most seasoned therapists have perfected their skills to fit perfectly into the 90-minute timeframe.



120 minutes ("The Treat")

Despite being referred to as "The Treat," those who have experienced a few massages and found their preferred style and therapist will attest that two hours of massage can pass surprisingly quickly. Think of it as a 90-minute treatment with some extra time for your therapist to focus more on your favourite areas without any rush.

Many individuals also opt for the 120-minute duration to enjoy a Couples Massage at a fantastic price. By selecting 120 minutes, you can request a single therapist to visit your hotel room during a mini-break or your home and have them perform two 60-minute massages, one after the other. 

Our online booking system also offers durations of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) and 3 hours (180 minutes). Many of our loyal customers are well aware of the profound benefits real massage can bring to both mind and body, leading them to book two-and-a-half-hour sessions. Three hours is most frequently booked by couples who prefer 90 minutes of relaxation one after the other.



How is a massage divided up across the body?

Our booking system allows you to specify which body parts you'd like to have more focus on and which you'd prefer not to. We call it our FocusMate and you can choose your preferences after selecting your therapist in our booking process. Assuming you choose all body parts, a typical full-body treatment might be divided as follows for our three most popular durations. Keep in mind that each therapist has her own style and will adjust the massage to your specific needs, so consider the information below as a guideline:


The Starter

60 min

The Regular

90 min

The Treat

120 min

Feet, Legs, Buttocks 20 30 40
Back, Neck, Shoulders 20 30 40
Arms, Hands 10 15 20
Head, Chest, Stomach 10 15 20
Total Time 60 90 120



How much time do I actually get massaged?

Your chosen booking duration represents the actual time you'll spend receiving a massage. The clock starts when your therapist's hands make contact and stops when the massage concludes. Additional time for preparation and post-massage is separate and not included in the booking duration. To ensure you make the most of your session, please be ready on time to prevent your treatment from being cut short.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the idea of a massage lasting "forever." Once you discover the perfect therapist and experience the sheer joy of a flawless massage, you might just find that those wonderful feelings could indeed last a lifetime!

It's a question that will evoke a different response from almost every person but we think it's fair to say that if you are in the middle of enjoying a great home visit mobile massage with one of our excellent therapists you might feel you want your massage to last forever! Actually, that's not as crazy a notion as it first seems - we will come back to that a little later in this article.


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