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Last updated on: 27/06/2018
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It's a question that will evoke a different response from almost every person but we think it's fair to say that if you are in the middle of enjoying a great home visit mobile massage with one of our excellent therapists you might feel you want your massage to last forever! Actually, that's not as crazy a notion as it first seems - we will come back to that a little later in this article.


Best Duration For A Massage Treatment

You can book a visiting massage therapist for various durations from 60 minutes upwards. An hour is the shortest duration available as any shorter duration makes the travel cost and time to and back from your place uneconomical. However, you can book a 60 minute session and split this between yourself and a friend, getting 30 minutes each. This is a great idea is each of you are in need of something like reflexology or a jet lag recovery massage. In these cases 30 minutes can be fine for each of you. We discuss some of the more common options below.

60 minutes ("The Starter")

The Starter massage is a great option if you are looking for a relatively quick treatment and especially so if you want the masseuse to only focus on a few specific parts of your body. 

A 60-minute duration treatment is also a great choice if this is your first time getting a home visit massage. Booking our shortest standard duration option allows you to get a taste of full body massage at home for excellent value at just £50 for an hour. If you have never had a massage before, or this is your first time with a particular therapist, then our 60-minute option lets you see if it is good for you without too much of a commitment. The Starter is our second most popular booking duration.

90 minutes ("The Regular")

This is by far the most popular booking duration amongst customers looking for a home or hotel visiting massage. When we discuss treatment durations during interviews, almost every experienced massage therapist says that 90 minutes is necessary to perform the best full-body massage. A one and a half hour session allows all parts of the body to be warmed and massaged properly and you will enjoy a massage that will not feel rushed. Furthermore, because this is such a popular booking duration, most experienced therapists have honed their skills and technique to fit perfectly into 90 minutes.

120 minutes ("The Treat")

Even though this is called The Treat, once you have had a few massages and found your perfect style and therapist, you will find that two hours of massage can really fly by. Think of it as a 90-minute treatment plus a little extra time to allow your therapist to really focus on your favourite areas for a bit longer without any risk of rush. 

Many people also book our 120 minute duration to get a Couples Massage at a great price. Simply choose 120 minutes to request a single therapist to visit you in your hotel room during a mini-break or at home and ask your therapist to do two 60 minute massages, one after the other. If you book using our online discount code, you will get £10 off the standard price of £100, meaning you get two wonderful one-hour massages delivered for you and your partner or friend for just £45 each. Now that has to be one of the best value indulgences in London! 

When you look at the Duration section of our online booking system you will note there are also durations of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) and 3 hours (180 minutes). Many of our regular customers know the deep benefits real massage can bring to the health of your mind and body, so once they have found their ideal therapist, it is not at all unusual for them to book two and half hour sessions. Three hours is most regularly booked by couples who will receive 90 minutes one after each other. 


How is a massage divided up across the body?

Our booking system allows you to specifically click which body parts you would like to have more focus on and which not – we call it our Focus Man and you can see him (or her!) just after you have selected your therapist in our booking process. Assuming you choose all body parts, then a typical full-body treatment might be divided as follows for each of our three most popular durations. Of course each therapist has her own personal style and will adapt the massage for your personal requirements and needs, so please take the information below as a guideline only.

  The Starter The Regular The Treat
Feet, legs & buttocks 20 mins 30 mins 40 mins
Back, neck & shoulders 20 mins 30 mins 40 mins
Arms & hands 10 mins 15 mins 20 mins
Head, chest & stomach 10 mins 15 mins 20 mins
Total Time (minutes) 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins

How much time do I actually get massaged?

Your selected booking duration is the length of time you should actually be massaged. The clock starts when your therapist’s hands touch you and ends when her hands stop massaging. Changing time is separate and not included in the massage booking time. For us to be able to offer this, you must of course be ready on time otherwise you may risk your treatment having to be cut short.  

At the beginning of this post we mentioned “forever” as a possible response to the question of how long a massage should last. We hope that once you have found the best therapist for you and enjoyed the perfect massage, you will agree that the wonderful feelings that brought to you could indeed last forever!



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