How Much Does a Massage Cost in the UK?

Category: Other Posted: 19 Feb 2021

Posted: 19 Feb 2021

cost of massage, worth its weight in gold

Updated February 2021

Massage is often considered a luxury in the UK, a treat to be enjoyed only during special occasions. However, massage does not have to cost the earth and received regularly can improve your health.

With some careful planning, you could be enjoying some of the best quality therapeutic massages in the comfort of your very own home. And all for considerably less money than you might have thought.

The cost of your massage will depend on the duration and type of treatment you choose and whether you visit a dedicated spa or have it delivered to you.

If you opt for a very short and simple treatment, such as a 5-minute neck and shoulder massage (offered by pop-up booths in shopping centre walkways), then the cost could be as low as £5.

But for a professional full body massage you should expect to pay a rate of around £50 and upwards per hour. Some providers also charge additional fees to cover items such as travel and specialist products. The final cost can also vary depending or whether the treatment is booked to take place during a peak or off-peak period.  

It is also possible of course to enjoy a massage for almost no cost. To get a massage for next to nothing follow this simple guide on how to give yourself a foot massage or just ask an obliging friend.

If you do decide to do your own massages, remember to budget for things like the cost of oils, sheets and perhaps even a dedicated table, all of which can be quite expensive.

Find out more about how much your massage should cost as well as how you can save money and ensure you get the best quality treatment per pound spent, below.



The average cost of a massage

The cost of getting a massage depends on where you have it, the treatment type and also the type of provider you choose. You can choose to receive your massages at your own place (known as mobile massage) or to visit a dedicated establishment, such as a hotel spa, high street beauty salon or at the local gym.

We have calculated the average cost of a massage in the UK based on all these various options.

The average cost of getting a massage at a dedicated salon or spa in the UK is £67 for a one hour treatment. This does not include the cost of any specialist products that may be added on.

The average cost of getting a mobile massage is £55 for an hour. This excludes any travel or parking fees that may be charged by the provider.

The cost of getting a 1 hour massage through The Massage Rooms is £50, inclusive of travel (to zones 1, 2 and 3 of London) and massage oils.

Your choice of provider will affect not only the cost of your massage treatment but also the setting, quality and reliability that you will experience.

If you opt for a massage in one of London’s hotel spas then expect to pay well above the average price, with total costs for a one hour treatment getting closer to £100. You should however also expect to receive a very high level of service with complimentary refreshments and access to the spas other facilities, such as a swimming pool or sauna.

Conversely, if you look for independent therapists who advertise on free classifieds boards online and in newsagents, then you may find the lowest priced massages. However everything from the quality of the treatment performed and products used to hygiene and reliability may be compromised.

For a balanced middle ground, consider selecting from some of the best experienced mobile therapists that have been extensively trained and independently quality tested. By choosing to get your massage through The Massage Rooms you can rest assured that your visiting therapist is a trusted masseuse as well as being able to choose from a wide selection of options from which therapist to which body areas you would like focused attention on.


The price of massaging yourself

Massaging yourself – or finding an obliging friend – is definitely the cheapest way to get some much needed relaxation therapy.

Combined with regular treatments from a professionally trained therapist, DIY massages can be a really effective way to reduce the overall cost of maintaining good mental and physical health through massage therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about how to massage, it is important to follow the correct techniques and to be aware of any risks, such as contraindications to massage.

If you plan on doing massages yourself longer term including on others, you may want to have a look at our guide on how to become a masseuse. Some courses can be very expensive, but if you choose carefully you should be able to find an affordable and worthwhile option.


How much does an on-demand home visit massage cost?

Over the past 10 years on-demand mobile massage services have become increasingly more popular, especially in busy cities like London.

The Massage Rooms was the first provider to offer online booking for on-demand massages through its “Massage Me Now” service since 2009.

Traditionally, people would book a massage several days in advance. As the urban environment and major cities in particular have become increasingly hectic, customers have shifted towards booking their treatments at the very last minute.

This approach, whilst more demanding on the service provider, does have the benefit of a much reduced cancellations rate. When customers used to schedule a massage several days in advance, plans often changed and they would find themselves often needing to cancel or rearrange the treatment. On the other hand, if you are booking for a massage to take place as soon as possible, it is much less likely that you will need to cancel.

The Massage Rooms has been offering a wide range of home and hotel visiting massage treatments, delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour, with some of the most popular listed below:

Deep Tissue Massage – This service is best for those looking for a more intensive treatment which can help restore and rejuvenate overworked or exhausted muscles. With professionally trained masseuses available to visit you from just £50, there are not many more economical ways to protect, maintain and restore your health and wellness.

Couples Spa Day At Home – This is best for couples or a pair friends who are looking to relax and detox in the tranquillity of their own home with some professional therapy. Book wisely and you could both enjoy a full body therapeutic massage for a total cost of as little as £90, working out at just £45 per person per hour.

Therapeutic Full Body Massage – Sometimes we need a full body massage to recover from head to toe but are not so sure which providers nearby offer genuinely therapeutic services. Book through a reputable and established platform to ensure that you not only get a good value service but a genuinely therapeutic one too.

At £50 for an hour of high quality professional massage delivered to your home or hotel room, that is over 30% cheaper than the average cost of a massage in a luxury hotel spa. And that’s before you add any cost and inconvenience of having to travel to the spa and back home.

You can now book one of the best value massages online in as little as 60 seconds.

Use one of the widely publicised online discount codes and you could be treating yourself and a partner or friend to an hour of massage each for as little as £45 per hour. That’s even less than the national average price of a massage – yet delivered to the comfort of your own home or hotel room in one of the world’s most expensive cities.


The cost of getting your massage in a hotel spa

It is fair to say that probably the most indulgent setting for massage therapy is most often found in top-end hotel spas.

But at what cost? And are you really getting good value for money?

Many luxury hotels in London charge between £75 - £110 for a 1 hour massage, with the cost increasing even higher if you want it delivered to your room.

Hotels have to recoup the often huge capital investments they have made in the building, high rents and rates (especially in cities like London) and the cost of employing professional therapists to be available full time waiting at the hotel premises. All of this adds up to a high quality but expensive massage for the customer.

If you plan in advance, you can get the same quality of therapist (often even better) and massage treatment for a fraction of the price. Simply prepare your room in advance so that it feels like a spa haven and book your experienced therapist as little as an hour beforehand.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 30-minute massage cost?

30-minute massages are usually only offered on site at beauty salons or in pop up stalls as part of an add-on treatment. The treatment will only focus on certain selected body areas, such as neck, shoulders and back as it is not possible to do a proper full body massage in such a short time. The average cost of a 30-minute massage treatment is £30 - £40.

What is the cheapest way to get a massage?

The cheapest way to get a massage is to perform it on yourself at home.

How much is a full body therapeutic massage?

It is generally accepted that for a good quality remedial full body massage, you should allocate at least 90 minutes. The average cost of a 90-minute massage is £70 - £85. At The Massage Rooms you can get a 90 minute massage delivered to your home for £65 if you book online using a promotional discount code.

The cost of tipping

As we all know tipping culture varies from country to country. This can become quite confusing in a culturally rich and diverse city such as London that boasts both talented therapists and visiting customers from all around the world.

The massage price analysis above excludes the costs of tipping as in the UK this is completely discretionary. If you are minded to reward your therapist for above average service, then follow our tips on tipping for some helpful direction on the most appropriate amount of money.


Still confused? We are here to help

If you would like to get a massage for the first time but still feel unsure, we have helped thousands of such people become regulars. Check out our helpful Frequently Asked Questions or read about some of the embarrassing questions about massage others have asked for more guidance.

We hope you will agree, once you have found the ideal therapist and treatment for you, that massage is worth its weight in gold!