How To Book Your Massage In 60 Seconds

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Last updated on: 10/06/2024
Book your mobile massage in 60 seconds! Laptops, iPad, and phone show our easy online booking system.

With our easy online booking system, you can find and book a professional local massage therapist in less than 60 seconds and have them at your door within the hour!

We hope our booking system is already intuitive but read on for a step by step guide if you need some help.


Book a Massage


Booking System Guide

Step 1: Specify Your Location

Enter your London postcode to find your massage therapist

Begin by entering your postcode or address in London, UK. If your full address doesn't automatically appear in the Google list below, don't worry; you can fill out the rest during the checkout process.


Find Your Therapist Now


Step 2: Choose Your Duration

Choose your desired massage duration (30, 60, or 90 minutes).

Select how long you want your massage session to last from the DURATION dropdown menu. Most clients opt for a 90-minute session for a full-body massage.


Step 3: Choose A Massage Style

Pick your preferred massage style (Swedish, Deep Tissue, etc.) to make your massage perfect for you.

From the STYLE dropdown menu, choose the type of massage therapy that suits your needs. The most popular choices are Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue, and these are the ones that will generate the largest number of available therapists, but you can select a different style if desired.


Step 4: Choose Your Moment

Choose your preferred time and date or go for an ASAP session

Get your massage when you want it! Select a time and date using the left and right scrolling calendar options or you're after a treatment as soon as possible, just click the 'MASSAGE ME NOW - ASAP' button!

Find out more about our Massage Me Now service.


Get Your Massage Today


Step 5: Pick Your Therapist

Browse therapist profiles and choose the one who's right for your massage.

Browse through available therapist profiles and click on the photo of your preferred therapist to select them. You can also click on the small 'i' that appears next to each therapist’s name to learn more about them. 


Step 6: Your Massage, Your Focus

Tailor Your Massage by selecting specific areas of your body for extra attention during your massage.

Feeling tight after exploring London? If you have specific areas that need extra attention during your massage, you can choose them here. Learn more about how FocusMate works


Step 7: Booking Confirmation

Complete your massage booking quickly and easily (login or checkout as guest). Enter your contact details Choose your payment method (cash, credit card or gift card)

Make your wish a reality in seconds (login optional). Relax, your therapist is on their way!


Book Now


Please note that we provide a 10-minute window to complete the entire booking process to maintain accurate therapist schedules for all customers. However, most people complete it in just 60 seconds, unless they're taking their time deciding on the perfect therapist.


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