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Last updated on: 03/03/2023
Set up a comfortable and cozy space for your in-home massage with comfortable seating and aromatherapy in a cozy bedroom

Indulge in most relaxing massage possible whilst in the comfort of your own home simply by taking some time to prepare beforehand. The tips and tricks below will help you get set up for a truly great in-home massage experience!

Ps. wondering where to put the massage table? Our advice is nowhere! Read on and further below to find out why …

Engage All Five Senses

Maximise the benefits of your home visit treatment by engaging all five of your senses. This can help create the deepest of immersive sensory experiences and a sense of synergy with your therapist. 

Each of the five ideas below are easy to follow and can be done in just a few minutes before your therapist arrives.


In home massage candle for mood lighting


Create a serene ambiance by turning down your lights and lighting several candles.  The soft flicker of candlelight can create a relaxing atmosphere that promotes calmness with a sense of warmth.

For a really wonderful treat during colder months, try getting hold of a scented soy massage candle and lighting it about 10 minutes before your therapist turns up. We guarantee its a ‘once you’ve tried a hot candle massage, you never go back!' type of experience.


Playing soothing music helps create a calm atmosphere for a massage at home

Music is known to relax the mind, so put on your favourite playlist or ask your therapist for some calming music to enhance your in-home massage experience. Being in your own place means you can choose whatever music you like but we advise not to turn up the volume too loud and to select tracks which are free of lyrics. Making sure you've got a suitable playlist arranged in advance means you can focus on relaxing during the massage rather than jumping up to change the music or volume.

Popular streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify offer a wide range of curated playlists for relaxation. Dig deeper into what kind of music to choose. 


Lighting an aromatherapy diffuser can help create a calming scent during a massage at home

A key element of preparing in advance is to fill the room with your favourite scent. This is best achieved by lighting a candle or diffusing essential oils from around 20 minutes before. Lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are some of the popular scents that can help you relax and rejuvenate during an in-home massage. 

Find out more about which oil to choose whilst preparing for an in-home massage.


Keeping a glass of water nearby can help keep you hydrated during your treatment

Keep a glass of fresh water nearby to stay hydrated during and after your treatment. Add a slice of lemon or your favourite fruit for a refreshing twist and a burst of flavour. Slices pf mint and cucumber are also popular choices in spas.

Understanding the science and benefits of staying well hydrated during and after a massage will help ensure you are ready to get the most from your treatment. 


Allow your home visit massage therapist to take control with a calming touch

Ultimately, it's all about the touch. Lie back, relax, and let your therapist work their magic on your body. By connecting all five of your senses, you can create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment that enhances your in-home massage experience. 

Finding wellness through the power of touch is an age old practice, which we explore in further detail in another post. 

A Massage Table Is Not Necessary!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a massage table to experience an excellent massage at home. In fact, portable massage tables can actually hinder your experience with their low quality, lightweight, and unstable design. Massage has been performed on the floor or on a mattress for thousands of years in the Far East, and it continues to be a core element of good health and lifestyle. 

We provide massages styles from around the world, West to East, on the floor or bed every day. If you already have a massage table and prefer to use it, please do feel free to set it up in advance of your therapist's arrival.

Hygiene Matters

We believe hygiene is absolutely key to an enjoyable massage experience and one that you'll want to keep repeating in the future. We believe that floor or bed performed massages can be more hygienic. We've delved into a bit more detail about why we believe not using a massage table is cleaner in a separate post. 

We also ask you to provide your own towels to further ensure your comfort and hygiene as our therapists operate on mobile basis and therefore we cannot properly clean and prepare towels between each massage treatment.

Massage Surface

To provide warm and comfortable cushioning for your body, place a comfortable mat or cushioning on the floor or cover your bed with soft towels. Add a comfortable pillow for your head or feet to rest on and protect your bed, sheets, and surrounding area from oil stains by using old coverings.

Prepare In Advance

Your therapist will appreciate a well-prepared and serene home massage room, and it can enhance your overall massage experience. Arranging things so that the room in which you will receive your treatment is uncluttered and tidy can help create a calmer atmosphere. 

The tips above apply to all the treatment styles we offer, but certain treatments may also need you to set up additional items. For example, reflexology and pre-natal pregnancy massages are best performed on a comfortable chair whilst our popular Thai-Oil Combo massage feels wonderful on a yoga mat. For more information on the various treatment styles we offer, visit our Treatments page. 

By following these simple tips and tricks, you can fully enjoy the benefits of a relaxing in-home massage without the need for a massage table or sacrificing hygiene. Just spending a few minutes in advance of your mobile massage therapist arriving can mean you enjoy the rewards of your efforts throughout the session and beyond! 


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