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Last updated on: 12/06/2023
Set up a comfortable and cozy space for your in-home massage with comfortable seating and aromatherapy in a cozy bedroom

Ever wondered how you should prepare for a home visit massage treatment? Whether you will be receiving the treatment in the living room of your house or a hotel bedroom, it's very common to have such questions when getting your first in-home therapy session.

Fear not, we're here to guide the way!

If you spend a little time in advance to incorporate our tips below, you'll set yourself up for a truly great home visit massage experience. We cover everything from mood lighting to where to put the massage table - or not!

Let's dive straight in and discover the best way to prepare for your massage treatment at home. 


Engage All Five Senses

The most important step in preparing for your home visit treatment is to engage all five of your senses! Trust us, each of the tips below will help create an atmosphere that puts you and your therapist in a more relaxed mood and will elevate your home visit experience to a whole new level.

Best of all they can all be achieved in just a few minutes before your therapist arrives. 



Start by creating a serene and calming ambiance for your home massage. Dim the lights and light a candle or two. The soft flicker of candle light adds a lovely touch of warmth and tranquility to your personal space, instantly setting the room in an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and helps you feel more at ease.

In home massage candle for mood lighting

Looking for a way to enhance the experience during the colder months? Try getting a scented soy massage candle and light it about 10 minutes before your therapist arrives. Ask your therapist to use it instead of the usual oil. A hot candle massage is like no other. The warm melted wax combined with its soothing aroma creates an ambiance that will leave you longing for more. Once you've tried it, you won't want to go back!



Music has a magical way of relaxing the mind, so why not enhance your in-home massage experience with your favourite playlist? You have the freedom to choose whatever music resonates best with you, but we suggest calming tunes without lyrics are best for massage. Remember to keep the volume at a pleasant level, not too loud, to maintain a soothing atmosphere.

It's a good idea to prepare a playlist in advance that slightly exceeds the duration of the massage you have booked and ensure all the tracks have a similar volume level. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in relaxation without any interruptions or the need to jump up and change the music or adjust the volume.

If you don't have any suitable music, or would like to try something different, our mobile massage therapists bring music with them. Just ask!

A cassette tape unwinding

Popular streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify offer a wide range of ready playlists that have been specifically curated for relaxation. 


Another key aspect of preparing in advance for a mobile massage is setting the right atmosphere with your favourite scents. You can easily achieve this with an essential oil diffuser. Start it up with some water and a few drops of essential oil around 20 minutes before your session is due to start and your room will smell great by the time your therapist arrives. 

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate essential oil for your in-home massage, it's important to consider your personal preferences and the feeling you'd like. For example, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are each highly popular choices but have quite different properties.

Aromatherapy diffuser blowing out a soft stream of scented steam


Renowned for its calming qualities, promoting a sense of tranquility.


Invigorates your senses and provides an element of refreshing balance.


A cooling scent, which can help you feel more energised during and after your treatment.



Part of preparing effectively for your at-home massage means taking into account before and after care. Staying hydrated is an important part of good massage prep. Keeping a glass of fresh water nearby is a simple yet effective way to ensure you do just that. Consider adding a slice of lemon or your favourite fruit to infuse your water with a burst of refreshing taste. Spas regularly add slices of mint and cucumber to a jug of cool water to enhance the overall experience.

A glass of water with a slice of lemon

Understanding the science behind the importance of hydration during and after a massage is key to fully enjoying and benefiting from your treatment. By staying well hydrated, you can support the body's natural processes and help flush out toxins released during the massage. Additionally, adequate hydration promotes overall well-being and aids in muscle recovery.



At the end of the day, effectively preparing for your mobile massage is all about embracing the power of touch. Once you've set up your room using our tips above, simply lie back and relax. Let your therapist work their magic on your body.

By connecting your five senses in harmony, you'll create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment that enhances your in-home massage experience. 

Mobile massage therapist touching their client's hand

Enjoy a Massage Anywhere, Without the Need for a Massage Table! 

Did you know that you can have an exceptional massage experience at home without a massage table? Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to invest in a portable massage table, which often comes with drawbacks such as low quality, lightweight materials, and instability. In fact, massage techniques have been practiced on the floor or on a mattress for centuries in the Far East, and they continue to be integral to promoting good health and a balanced lifestyle.

At The Massage Rooms, we provide a wide range of massage styles inspired by traditions from around the world. Whether you prefer a Western or Eastern approach, our skilled therapists are experienced in delivering exceptional massages on the floor or bed. Rest assured that you can receive the same level of care and expertise without the need for a massage table.

Of course, if you already have a massage table and prefer to use it, feel free to set it up in advance of your therapist's arrival. We aim to accommodate your preferences and ensure you have a customized and comfortable experience.

So, don't let the absence of a massage table discourage you from enjoying a blissful massage at home. With our expertise and versatile approach, we bring the benefits of professional massage therapy right to your floor or bed, providing you with a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience. 


Hygiene Matters

We believe that maintaining good hygiene is crucial for an enjoyable massage experience. There are two primary areas of preparation to consider: personal cleanliness and the cleanliness of your surroundings.


Personal Hygiene

This one is really simple: Take a relaxing hot shower before your therapist arrives!

Woman's head looking relaxed under a shower with water running

Not only does a shower (or bath) cleanse your body, but the warmth of the water also helps to prepare and loosen your muscles for the upcoming massage. Furthermore, the sensation of water trickling onto your skin can also have a calming effect, helping you to feel more at ease.


Environmental Cleanliness

When it comes to using mobile therapists, we strongly recommend that you provide your own towels. This helps ensure hygiene as a mobile therapist often travels directly from one customer to another without having any opportunity to properly clean or prepare towels between each treatment. We suspect you'd not want to use a towel - even a clean one - that has been stuffed into a bag with used towels from other customers!

We also believe that treatments performed on your own bed or a covered floor at home can be more hygienic. This can be a hotly debated topic, so we've delved into more detail about why we believe not using a massage table is cleaner in a separate post.

To provide warm and comfortable cushioning for your body, place a comfortable mat or cushioning on the floor or cover your bed with soft towels. Add a comfortable pillow for your head or feet to rest on and protect your bed, sheets, and surrounding area from oil stains by using old coverings.

Perfect Timing: Prepare in Advance for Your In-Home Massage

As you prepare for your in-home massage, taking the time to create a well-prepared and serene environment can greatly enhance your overall experience while also showing appreciation to your therapist. By arranging the room where your massage will take place to be uncluttered and tidy - before your mobile therapist arrives - you can foster a sense of calmness and tranquility.

The tips and suggestions shared throughout this article are applicable to all the treatment styles we offer. However, it's worth noting that certain treatments may require additional setup. For instance, reflexology and pre-natal pregnancy massages are best performed on a comfortable chair, while our popular Thai-Oil Combo massage feels best on a yoga mat. To explore more about the various treatment styles we offer, please visit our Treatments page for detailed information.


We're confident that by incorporating the simple tips above into your home massage preparation routine, you'll enjoy the one of our outstanding in-home massages to its full extent without even needing to leave your house or hotel room!


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