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Last updated on: 12/06/2023
Set up a comfortable and cozy space for your in-home massage with comfortable seating and aromatherapy in a cosy bedroom

Wondering how to create the perfect ambiance for a massage at home? Whether it's in your living room or a hotel bedroom, preparing for a mobile massage can be a delightful experience. Our expert tips will help you set the mood and ensure a relaxing massage experience.



Engage All Five Senses

To prepare your home for a mobile massage, consider engaging all your senses for a complete experience. Here's a quick breakdown:


1. Sight

In home massage candle for mood lighting

  • Dim the lights and use candles to create a warm and tranquil atmosphere.

  • During winter light a soy massage candle about 10 minutes before your therapist arrives and ask your therapist to perform your massage with it - a hot candle massage is like no other!


2. Sound

A music cassette tape

  • Play calming, instrumental music at a pleasant volume. Consider creating a playlist in advance.

  • Popular streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify offer a wide range of ready playlists that have been specifically curated for relaxation. 


3. Scent

Aromatherapy diffuser blowing out a soft stream of scented steam

  • Use an essential oil diffuser with your favourite scents for a fragrant environment.

  • Choose an essential oil that suits your mood and condition. 

  • Lavender for calm, peppermint to refresh and eucalyptus to re-energise.


4. Taste

A refreshing glass of water

  • Keep a glass of fresh water nearby to stay hydrated after your massage.

  • Add a slice of lemon or your preferred fruit for a refreshing touch.


5. Touch

Mobile massage therapist touching their client's hand

  • Once you've set up the room, simply relax and let the therapist work their magic touch on you.



Enjoy a Massage Anywhere, Without the Need for a Massage Table! 

Discover the magic of home massages without a table.

At The Massage Rooms, we offer many diverse styles on the floor or your own bed, tailored to your preferences. In fact: we believe a massage on your bed is better all round. If you have a table, feel free to use it. It's all about your comfort and relaxation. 

But don't let the lack of a table stop you from indulging in a blissful massage experience at home. Our skilled therapists will ensure your journey to rejuvenation is exceptional, no matter where you choose to unwind.

It's also important that your treatment comes with good hygiene, and a little forward planning can help ensure that:


Personal Hygiene

  • Wash yourself with warm water before your therapist arrives.

  • Your therapist will remove their shoes and wash their hands before starting your treatment.

Man washing himself before massage therapy


Environmental Cleanliness

  • Provide your own towels for better hygiene.

  • Use your bed or the floor for the massage to avoid shared equipment between clients.

  • Make sure you protect your surface from oil appropriately.



Perfect Timing: Prepare in Advance for Your In-Home Massage

Creating a serene environment before your therapist's arrival enhances the experience. Remember to keep the room tidy and clutter-free.

By following these tips, you'll enjoy a rejuvenating in-home massage experience without leaving your house or hotel room.


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