Infographic: 6 Most Popular Massage Styles

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Last updated on: 14/03/2023
Six doors leading to the six most popular styles of massage therapy

We often get asked about the most popular massage styles, the differences between them and which would be the best choice for treating a particular condition.

The therapists on The Massage Rooms platform offer many different massage treatment types, but there are some treatment types that are booked much more regularly than others. The six most popular massage styles chosen by customers are shown in the infographic below together with a brief summary and what each style might be best for treating. Click on the infographic to view a larger, full resolution version.

Infographic showing the 6 most popular massage styles in London

To book yourself in for one of these six popular styles, just head over to the booking system and select your preferred style in the Step 3. The online massage appointment booking system will then search for and discover which therapists do your chosen style and cover your area, before showing you the options.

For further more detailed information on any of the above treatment types, you can check the treatment style's indiviudal page: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Indian Head or Ayurvedic.

It's worth bearing in mind that many therapists are experienced in performing a range of different types of massage. A great tip is to select a therapist that can do more than one of the most popular styles shown in the infographic above and ask them to do a mix treatment style massage during one session. We hope the above infographic helps you easily choose the best style of therapy for your needs.


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