Celebrating International Women’s Day in London

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Last updated on: 06/03/2020
International Women’s Day celebration

Sunday 8 March is International Women’s Day, a day marked to recognise and applaud the achievements of women in our society. In 2020 equality for women is a key focus theme for the day. 

As a women-led business that has successfully served tens of thousands of male and female customers over the past decade with glowing reviews, we are proud to say that we believe we have helped many people realise the power and value that women can add.


Female Therapists 

We work with many female therapists from all over the globe, each of whom works on her own independent terms but also contributes to the overall team effort. 

By continuing to use our platform each of you, our valued customers, have contributed to empowering and supporting women too. You have helped the women on this platform earn on their own terms and to be independent. 

You have recognised that, despite a smaller frame, women can still be incredibly strong. 

Time and time again, we receive customer feedback telling us they prefer a female therapist because the touch during a deep tissue remedial treatment is sufficiently penetrating but has the added benefit of being comfortable too. 

Massage is as much about restoring mental health as it is about fixing physical injuries. 

Delivering an empathetic and meaningful touch seems to be ingrained in the DNA of many women. Female massage therapists are a highly popular choice for good reason. 


Truly Feel Equality 

If you find yourself having unfair thoughts towards women, try lying face down to receive a therapeutic massage from an experienced female therapist. 

Close your eyes and put those prejudices on hold. 

The power of real massage soon demonstrates, without a single word, that regardless of gender, race or background, we are all indeed equal. 


Being Equal does not mean being the Same

People sometimes confuse equality with alikeness. 

It is important to understand that things do not have to be the same to be equal. It is possible to be different yet still equal. 

Consider this simple example to illustrate the point: 

At the time of writing this - a couple of days before International Women’s Day 2020 - £1 GBP equals $1.30 USD. 

The two amounts are different but also equal. They both give the owner the same purchasing rights. They have the same value. 


Similarly, men and women are of course not the same. But that does not mean they are not equal. 

In fact the two genders are different in so many ways that even open-minded accepting massage therapists openly acknowledge that massaging men is different to women

But regardless of their differences, men and women are still equal. They have - or rather should have – absolutely identical value in society. Gender should not be a defining factor in social privilege or significance. 


Male Clients 

Although we are a female-led business, many of our clients are male. And even though 8 March is International Women’s Day, we know that many good men appreciate that the day is one which should be celebrated between all genders. 

So, whether you are male or female, use International Women’s Day this year as a prompt to give all the women in your life (including your female massage therapist!) a nod of acknowledgement. A simple moment of sincere appreciation often goes much further than you might have expected.


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