Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

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Last updated on: 25/06/2024
Pregnant lady laying on her back comfortably

Whether pregnant or not, we all need help reducing stress and alleviating aches and pains. During pregnancy, this desire is even more common.


Pains during Pregnancy

Lower back pain is probably the most common complaint among pregnant women. With a typical pregnant belly expanding by 10 to 16 kg, it's no surprise that back pain increases.

Providing a comfortable home for a growing baby is no easy feat. Imagine dragging a large bag of Waitrose potatoes off the shelf and dropping it into your trolley. During pregnancy, you'll be adding the equivalent of up to eight of those full bags directly around your belly!

Pregnant woman in yoga dog position with a massage therapist's hand on her back for comfort

Many women also experience headaches, heartburn and haemorrhoids at some stage during their pregnancy.

With all these potential aches and pains, and the additional stress of being pregnant, can a back massage help, and is it safe? Let’s address safety first.


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Is it Safe to Get a Massage While pregnant?

The NHS offers guidance on the safety of complementary therapies during pregnancy. While some therapies are not recommended and others remain debated, the NHS does support the use of massage and aromatherapy for treating anxiety.

So the good news is: Yes, massage can be safely offered during pregnancy and can help with anxiety and stress!

Regular massage during pregnancy can also provide comfort and pain relief.

Tiny sleeping baby symbolising the safety and benefits of pregnancy massage

Following accepted medical advice, we only accept bookings for pregnancy massage once you are over 12 weeks pregnant. We do not recommend or perform any type of massage during the first three months of pregnancy.

Therapists who can perform this treatment have been professionally trained in Pregnancy Massage.

If you are over 12 weeks pregnant, please select Pregnancy Massage from our online booking system to find a specially trained therapist in your area.



Does Massage Help Pregnancy Aches & Pains?

There is no confirmed scientific evidence that massage or other complementary therapies eliminate pregnancy-related aches and pains.

However, your own common sense and life experiences likely tell you that when suffering from pain, a soothing hand from a caring human can bring much-needed comfort.

A professional therapist performing a foot massage on a pregnant womanOur therapists are specifically chosen not only for their massage skills but also for their empathetic nature. Empathy is crucial, especially when a client feels vulnerable or less confident than usual.

We call this combination of skill and empathy "Real Massage." This quality is what makes a pregnancy massage from The Massage Rooms truly beneficial.



Why Avoid Massages During the First Trimester?

Pair of baby shoes on a calendar with the due date circledWhile there's no evidence suggesting massage is unsafe in early pregnancy, it's generally recommended to wait until after the first 12 weeks.

This precaution is because the risk of miscarriage is highest during this period.


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Are Deep Tissue massages Safe During Pregnancy?

Once you've passed the first trimester, a variety of massage styles can be safely enjoyed, provided they're tailored to your pregnancy.

While aspects of deep tissue therapy can be beneficial in certain body areas, caution is advised for specific regions during pregnancy.

New mother receiving a deep tissue massage on their shoulder

Our Pregnancy Massage therapists are extensively trained in prenatal care. They assess each case individually and offer tailored advice accordingly.

If you're uncertain about the safety of any treatment, consulting your midwife or doctor beforehand is always recommended.



Can massage cause miscarriage or induce labour?

Medical experts agree that massage, conducted by a trained prenatal specialist, is safe after the first trimester.

In foot reflexology, the feet are divided into zones corresponding to various organs, including the uterus and ovaries located on the ankles. Some people believe pressure on these zones could affect the corresponding organs.

If you'e feeling a little uneasy about that, simply ask your prenatal massage therapist to avoid massaging your feet and ankle area. It's important to note there's no scientific evidence confirming this belief, but even more important that you feel comfortable, safe and secure throughout your pregnancy massage.

Happy Mother Embracing Baby

Pregnancy Bliss: Stay Safe & Happy

Ultimately, a massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful way to nurture yourself and celebrate this special time.

Whether it's to ease discomfort, reduce stress, or simply indulge in some well-deserved relaxation, your comfort and continued health are paramount.

Feel confident in booking a session with a trained prenatal specialist who understands your needs and ensures a safe, soothing experience. 


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