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Last updated on: 22/07/2018
Save money and avoid hotel in room massage menu prices

Getting an in-room massage at your hotel is one of the easiest and nicest ways to lift your holiday or weekend break to a higher level of luxurious relaxation.

Time To Relax

You have just arrived back at your hotel room after a busy day of shopping and sightseeing around buzzing London. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of champagne from the mini-bar, switch on the television and fall back onto the deep, comfy hotel bed. Bliss. 

A little while later, there is a soft knock your door. You wander over to open it and there, standing right in front of you, is your personal massage therapist. She has arrived on demand to give you a wonderful in-room massage to help soak away any tiredness and prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Even more blissful.

Avoid Excessive Hotel Charges

Whilst the above is a lovely scenario that many of us would enjoy, it is also something that we often feel like getting spontaneously. Few of us plan our breaks with such rigour that we can confidently pre-book an in-room hotel massage for a specific date and time. It's just the nature of breaks, we prefer to be free to do as we please and not rush back to pre-arranged appointments.

Hotel spa services usually require at least 24 hours prior notice. Even if you are able to plan ahead, the price of in-room treatments at most hotels may leave you wondering whether it is designed to relax you or stress you out!

A quicker, better value, and often higher quality option is to simply book yourself an on-demand local mobile massage therapist. In London, mobile massage therapists are able to travel to your hotel room within one hour and often sooner if you are staying in a Zone 1 hotel. Whether you are lucky enough to be staying one of London's most luxurious top-end hotel hotels such as the Bulgari Hotel, Jumeirah or Claridges or whether you are in a more standard hotel, there is just no need to call the concierge or incur additional unnecessary costs that hotels typically add on.

How To Book Your In-room Hotel Massage

Easily. Just check whether there is a mobile massage therapist near you who can visit you right now by entering the postcode of your hotel into the system. Not only can you choose your favourite from many different types of massage that are available, you can also specify which areas you want focus on and browse the profiles of professional therapist and select your favourite available one. Pay by credit card over a secure connection on the net or if you prefer (as many travellers do), simply opt to pay in cash direct to the massage therapist. If you love your massage, feel free to tip your therapist with some of the savings you have made!

Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation message from your therapist and you can give her any specific instructions such as asking them to come straight to your room or letting them know any other information such as to collect you from the bar. Your therapist will arrive with high quality massage oil, music and most importantly a smile and passion for real massage.

With treatments starting at just £50 for an hour and therapists available on demand to arrive at your room in less than one hour, you could easily treat yourself to true 2 hour luxury relaxation session for the same price as an hour would cost you at some hotels for a standard massage.



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