A Massage for Father's Day

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Last updated on: 11/06/2019
A man proudly receiving a Father's Day massage gift

Men aren’t perfect by any means.

From the countless reports of scandalous behaviour by some of Hollywood’s most powerful to Gillette’s controversial advert at the beginning of 2019, the general picture painted of men over the last 18 months has been rather bleak.

As a female led business, with many thousands of male customers, we thank the many good men we have encountered. For their loyalty, their generosity and most of all their decency over the years.

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the fact that the world has many good men. They far outnumber the bad.

So what makes a man, a good man? And what’s all this got to do with health and wellness? Read on to find out!


Traits Of A Good Man

There are scientific studies aplenty that have tried to identify the key traits that make the perfect man. There is of course, no such precise answer. Controlled analyses on varying samples of men might give a flavour of what matters, but we don’t think any such study can provide a definitive answer.

Classic Qualities

The classic traits that many will be familiar with are:

  • Courage;
  • Intelligence;
  • Loyalty;
  • Generosity; and
  • Sense of humour

But do these qualities really make a good man? We think that perhaps they are the ingredients for making an attractive man. And that’s no bad thing. They are certainly a better set of qualities than the questionable ‘tall, dark and handsome’ phrase from the 19th century.

On Trend

Contemporary opinions have evolved and today, in addition to those classic characteristics, it takes a little more to reach the exalted status of being a good man.

Some of the most important additional qualities include:

• Emotional open-mindedness;

• Genuine belief in egalitarianism; and

• A true philogynist.


We call this section on trend, because these topics have been much discussed in recent months. However, the reality is of course, that these ‘additional’ qualities have long been key definers of goodness throughout the history of mankind.


What About A Six-Pack?

So we have identified some classic and also some contemporary qualities that may define a good man. But can these alone be enough?

We think there is one more vital factor to being classified a good man.

The answer lies in the abdomen.

Now, before a frown begins to develop on the face of any slightly overweight men reading this, we are not for a moment suggesting that a good man must have a six-pack tummy. We are talking about something entirely different.

The Chinese have long believed in the importance of the abdomen when it comes to health and in particular something called ‘Qi’ or ‘vital energy’. It is not easy to explain exactly what it meant by vital energy. Partly because it is not something you can simply point at - unlike flowing locks, bulging muscles or even wit and humour.

In the Western world, it may help to think of the concept of gut feeling, which many of us are familiar with. Often, without reading any rules, we just know whether or not something feels right, feels good.

It is this gut feeling, our instinctive and natural reaction, which most often finally defines whether we feel someone is a good man.


Father’s Day Massage

This Father’s Day, whether you are booking a massage to treat yourself for being a good man or decide to buy a gift massage for a special man in your life, feel even better within yourself by focusing on exhibiting good energy.

Massage therapists on our platform are selected for having many excellent qualities. One of the most important is an ability to offer empathy during treatments. Next time you have a massage at home, feel free to compliment and complement your therapist’s good energy with mutual care and respect. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will feel both during and after your massage treatment.

We are of course all equal but different. One cannot replace another, but we can certainly complement each other and contribute equally to creating something better for all us.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, would-be-dads and will-be-dads!


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