Mark - A Long Term Regular Customer

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Last updated on: 09/12/2019
Mark, a regular massage customer

One of the advantages of being a London based mobile massage service is that therapists get to meet and treat a varied and interesting range of customers. Likewise, we are able to offer customers an equally diverse mix of therapists. Our therapists can be at your front door within an hour bringing with them treatment styles (and personalities) from all over the globe. 

So whether you have just arrived in London from distant shores and need to relieve Jet Lag symptoms or are a local seeking regular therapy for better health, The Massage Rooms can help you find a suitable therapist near you now who offers exactly the kind of treatment you need.

One such Londoner who has been getting regular massages through us for years is Mark. We spoke to Mark to find out what has kept him coming back to us time and again for over a decade. Here is what he told us: 

“I’ve been getting regular massages for over 10 years now and I love them. They say there’s no such thing as a positive addiction, so I hesitate to say that I am addicted. But I do know that whenever I have to miss out on my regular massage, I am rather grumpy until the next one! 

My first ever massage was in 2008 by a lovely lady who used to sub-lease a treatment room from the proprietors of a local beauty salon. Until then I had never really considered getting a massage other than when on an exotic holiday. But during the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008, I had been working increasingly long hours slumped at my desk as well as going through a difficult divorce, so was having a pretty tough time overall. A close friend suggested I get a therapeutic massage to relax and unwind some of the stress and anxiety I was feeling. 

My first professional massage pretty much immediately converted me to becoming a firm believer in the therapeutic power of touch. 

I felt a renewed sense of purpose after just one hour of therapy. The massage had made my body feel less tense but what was most clear was just how much calmer and happier I felt mentally. 

I am quite a big guy and even though this masseuse was a lot smaller, she was brilliant at penetrating deep into the tight spots that had developed around my back and shoulders. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous during my first ever treatment but her calm manner and precisely positioned touch helped me relax quickly. I was soon happy to leave her to lead the way, rather than analyse her every move.  

It felt good to hand control over to someone else. 

I returned to that therapist about once a month for the whole summer and autumn of 2008 but then she moved away to another part of the country. I tried a couple of other therapists at the same place but found both reliability and quality very unpredictable. 

After a few months of variable treatments, my new found interest in massage actually started to wane. Then one day, an advert for The Massage Rooms popped up on my computer screen. I clicked through to the website and remember you had just six therapists back then. 

The website talked about being the modern approach to massage. Highly experienced professional yet friendly therapists who promised to deliver a high-quality therapeutic treatment to you at your own home. There was a lot of emphasis on quality and reliability – and since that was exactly what I had been missing, I decided to give it a try. 

Booking an appointment back then was not as easy as it is now. Firstly, the online booking option was just a simple appointment request form and with only a few therapists on the platform, the popular slots were often booked up. 

However, I did manage to get an appointment and boy was I glad I did. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was the best massage I had ever received until then. Combined with the convenience of not having to travel anywhere myself, I was completely sold! 

Today it seems everything is moving towards an on-demand home delivery model, especially in health and fitness. So, there are definitely plenty more options out there now. I won’t lie, I’ve tried most of them! But I keep coming back to you guys and book more appointments through this platform than any other. 

I love that not only can the therapists at The Massage Rooms do great physical treatments but they are also some of the most empathetic therapists I’ve met in London. 

So I keep coming back because the consistency of quality of therapists on offer is by far the best. Simple as that.”


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