What is a massage at home really like?

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Last updated on: 31/07/2018
Getting a massage at home means you can stay indoors and easily relax

Urban living is thrilling, vibrant and … exhausting! With so much on offer in London, sometimes it's hard to know where to start or stop. From shopping in the world’s most exclusive stores to drinking cocktails in the bars of Michelin-starred restaurants, it is easy to forget we also have our homes in London.

But the wonders of urban living are more than just the exciting things we can do outdoors in the city. It is also about having choice. We can choose to live life in the fast lane one evening and also choose to get someone to help us relax like a baby in the hour before! Just a few clicks on a phone or laptop and you can order relaxation at home on demand through one of London's many home visit massage services. Imagine that, relaxation therapy delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour.

Urban massages delivered to your home anywhere in London are the flip side of fast city life and just as hip!


Preparing For Your Home Visit Massage

Seconds after you confirm your home visit massage booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all your booking details (as long as you entered a valid email address). A short while later, you will also get a text message from your masseuse letting you know she is on her way to you. Your therapist will also let you know by text if she encounters any unexpected delays. 

Once your masseuse arrives, she will run through some basic questions to better understand the type of massage therapy you would like to receive and also to ensure that you are suitable to receive that kind of treatment. You can use that time to highlight any particular problematic areas that you would like specific focus on. Your therapist will ask which room you would like to receive your massage in and then she will pop to the bathroom to get changed into her therapy clothes while you get ready. 

Hopefully you will have prepared your room in advance but if not, this can be easily done while your therapist is getting changed. Since our mobile therapists do not bother with cumbersome portable tables, you do not need to worry about moving furniture around to make the necessary space. Just put some protective sheets over your bed and lay face down, under a large clean towel. It’s nice to lay down somewhere that you know is clean and comfortable, and yours. 

Your therapist will return from the bathroom ready to begin your treatment. She will switch on some calm music and prepare her oil for your treatment. In winter months some therapists ask for a bowl of hot water so that your oil can be warmed for your massage. Your massage at home then begins. Remember the duration of your massage starts when your masseuse touches you. 


How Is A Massage At Home Performed?

One of the great aspects of getting a massage at home is that you choose what you want. Not only the treatment type, massage therapist and body parts to focus on, but also everything about the environment. You can choose the music, how warm or cool the room should be and how bright or dim lighting will be. Love a particular scented candle? Just light it - it's your own home after all. Prefer a Spotify Massage Playlist to electronic synthesised waterfall music? Go for it! 

The style of massage you will receive will depend on your selection during the booking process, but you can always ask your therapist to mix in any other styles that she offers. Regardless of the type of treatment you select for your home visit massage, you will benefit from the therapist being able to move around your body freely and without the space restrictions that often occur when portable massage tables are set up in home environments where there is lots of existing furniture in place. 

As always, you should feel completely at ease throughout your treatment. Having a massage at home makes this so much easier. It is your place and your therapist will respect your space. You should also feel more comfortable to ask for adjustments during your treatment. Whether you want the pressure to be a bit firmer or whether you would just like to stop conversation and relax in silence, it is much easier to ask when you are in your own environment.



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