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Last updated on: 31/07/2018
Getting an at-home massage means you can stay indoors and easily relax.

Living in London is nothing short of exhilarating. Exclusive shops, posh restaurant bars, and a pulse that never stops. Yet amidst this thrill, there are moments when you crave serenity within your own four walls.

This is the magic of urban choice at its finest. Fancy a wind-down session after a frenetic evening out? With just a few taps on your device, relaxation arrives at your door courtesy of many in-residence massage services London has on offer. Imagine a spa experience within the familiar comfort of your own space, all within an hour. Relax, like a baby!

 A mobile massage at home in London is the trendy antidote to the city's relentless pace.



Preparing For Your Home Visit Massage

Once you've secured your booking, an email will pop into your inbox confirming all the nitty-gritty. Shortly after, a text message from your therapist will pop up, keeping you in the loop about their arrival or any unexpected hitches.

Upon their arrival, you'll have a quick chat to iron out your massage preferences. You choose the ideal room, and then your therapist will nip out to change.

Preparing your space in advance is always a smart move. And no worries about cumbersome setups; therapists prefer a fuss-free environment. Simply spread protective sheets on your bed and lie down, revelling in its familiarity and comfort.

Your therapist will re-enter, soothing tunes in tow, and prep the relaxation oils. On nippier days, they might warm the oil for an added touch of luxury. Your tranquil journey commences the moment their hands glide over your skin.

How long your therapist performs their magic for is completely up to you.



Crafting A Personal Relaxation Space

The true charm of a professional relaxation at home? The personal touch. You're in charge of the ambiance. Perhaps a particular playlist or a fragrant candle? The choice is yours.

Your relaxation technique depends on your choice of treatment type, but there's always wiggle room for personal tweaks. Our setup allows the therapist to work their magic seamlessly, unrestricted by the confines often brought about by bulky equipment.

Above all, it's about utmost comfort in your personal space.

Feel empowered to guide your session — whether you fancy a bit more pressure or a quiet, introspective moment. Savour the luxury, it's entirely tailored to you!


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