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Last updated on: 29/06/2018
get a massage whilst watching world cup football match

With World Cup fever gripping most of us, have you ever considered getting a massage whilst watching your favourite team playing?

Just think about it...

You’ve just got back in time for the match, having escaped from work to watch your favourite team play. Your television (ultra-high definition of course) and sound system are all fired up with pre-match commentary building the excitement. Blinds are down to temporarily remove any blinding rays of sunshine from our beautiful Summer weather we are currently enjoying. Your favourite alcohol, crisps and other nibbles are waiting patiently on the coffee table. There are no screaming kids or bored looking non-football fans in the vicinity to disturb the atmosphere you have created.

Kick off is 10 minutes away. What more could you need?

Would a massage be good for you?

We are guessing that if the doorbell rang at this moment you would normally frown! Well what if you had pre-arranged an extra treat for your World Cup night in? What if standing by the door, just before match kick off, was one of our lovely, friendly, professional massage therapists arriving to massage you throughout the beautiful game?

After all, our most popular massage duration is 90 minutes. A football match is 90 minutes. Sounds like they were made for each other!*

Some Tips

You can either sit and watch TV and have your neck, shoulders and feet massaged during the football match. Alternatively (we recommend this), you can lay down on your stomach and basically have a full body massage. Your therapist will probably love this option too, as they can also watch the match too whilst massaging you! Just be warned that the kneading may get a little aggressive if you are too vocal against their team!

Don’t eat or drink too much, it’s never a great idea, but especially not during a massage.

If you scream or squirm in agony, remember to tell your therapist whether it’s because of her massage technique or because of your team’s dire performance. If the former, she will be only to happy to adjust to your preference. If the latter, we’re afraid she can’t help.

Don’t be too offensive about the opposing team. Many of our amazing therapists are from all around the world, so they might be supporting opposite team to you!

If your team loses, bad luck, but the good news is that the massage will definitely have made you feel better than you would otherwise.

If you are hosting a screening of the match with friends, consider booking one or two of our therapists for 2 hours to mingle amongst you and your guests providing 10 – 15 minute massages. It’s a great ice breaker and massively appreciated by guests.

To see if one of our therapists can visit you before your next match (we can usually get a therapist to your home or hotel in as little as one hour!), click here and enter your postcode.

*If you would like your therapist to massage you for the whole game, we recommend the best duration to book is 2 hours, as this means your therapist can stay with you during the half time break, continuing to massage you once the second half starts right up to the end of the game.


Update: During the England vs Belgium match, one customer called to ask if we would be willing send a masseuse to his local pub where he was watching the match, to massage his neck and shoulders. We said we were only to happy to oblige of course. He was soon the envy of the other locals … we hope he was happy with the result!



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