Massage and Heart Health

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Last updated on: 27/01/2024
Man holding a prosthetic heart, symbolising the connection between massage and heart health

Looking for ways to enhance your heart health beyond the standard exercise and dietary choice recommendations?

The role of regular massages in cardiovascular wellness has sparked recent interest from medical professionals.

Let's explore whether this practice holds merit.



Fun Fact: Press-Ups and Heart Health

Did you know that a recent study discovered a fascinating link between press-ups and heart health?

Men capable of at least 40 press-ups in a single set exhibited a significantly lower risk of heart attack and coronary issues in the next decade compared to those managing only 10 or fewer.

In light of this research, many doctors are now substituting the traditional treadmill test with a patient's press-up capacity, offering a superior indicator of heart health.

You can check out the study here



1. Break Free from The Smoker's Grip

For anyone serious about cultivating a healthier heart, the primary step is clear – quit smoking.

The NHS prioritises this advice above all others, emphasising that smokers face twice the risk of a heart attack compared to non-smokers.

So before delving into lifestyle changes like incorporating regular massages, ensure you're on the right side of this vital statistic!



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2. Massage and Cardiovascular Wellness

While cardiovascular diseases stem from various factors, lifestyle choices play a pivotal role.

Beyond smoking, maintaining optimal heart health revolves around two crucial aspects – physical activity and diet.



Physical Activity

Combatting a sedentary lifestyle and managing blood pressure levels significantly mitigate the risk of coronary heart disease. 

How Massage Can Help:

- Enhances blood circulation

- Potentially reduces blood pressure

- Enhance mental tranquility

Incorporating therapeutic massages like Sports Massage or physio-style massage between workout sessions can aid muscle and ligament recovery, preventing prolonged inactivity following sports-related injuries and contributing to overall heart health.




Your dietary choices play a monumental role in cardiovascular health. 

How Massage Can Help:

- Supports physical well-being

- Creates a holistic approach to cardiovascular wellness

Embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle by integrating the physical and mental relaxation benefits of regular massage with a sensible diet, enhancing your chances of maintaining optimal cardiovascular health.



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