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Last updated on: 29/01/2024
Male client about to receive a PowerBlend Men's Massage

Are massages for men different from those for women? Absolutely! 

Explore our top male treatments and discover tips to enhance your experience if you're a man seeking a rejuvenating massage.



Tailored Treatments for Men

Explore our specially crafted professional massages for men in London:


1. PowerBlend Deep Tissue Massage

Our most popular treatment for men, a Deep Tissue massage in London delivered with extra power!

This is a powerful and targeted massage experience that uses firm pressure combined with slow strokes. Your therapist will address deep layers of muscle tissue, releasing chronic tension and knots.

This is hands down our best massage for men!


2. Male Sports Massage

Tailored to the needs of active men, our Sports Massage in London is a dynamic treatment which incorporates traditional sports therapy techniques, targeting strains and sprains common in male-oriented sports.

Improve your flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent future injuries with a male sports massage in the convenience of your own home.


3. Men's Head Massage

Revitalise your mind and body with our specifically designed for men. This is a great choice for everything from jet lag to hangovers.

Experience stress and tension relief with our scalp based Head Massage dedicated acupressure techniques. Improve sleep quality, reduce headaches, and boost mental clarity.


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Male Preferences Revealed

Many men opt for a full body massage, targeting the back, neck, shoulders, glutes, and thighs. Typically, they ask for areas such as the head and face to be excluded.

Tailor your massage by selecting your favourite body parts using our FocusMate™ tool when booking a male massage:

Explore our interactive male body map to customise your massage experience by selecting specific body parts for targeted focus and relief.


Q. Unsure about what to wear for your massage as a guy?

From disposable briefs to wearing nothing under a towel, we've got you covered – ensuring you feel comfortable and confident. Avoid embarrassment and get it right with our simple What To Wear guide.


Q. Struggling with rougher male skin?

Ask your therapist to use a nourishing lubricant, such as almond oil, to smooth and hydrate your skin during your massage.


Q. Want a really strong massage?

Choose a therapist who offers elbow and knuckle pressure techniques for deeper penetration. Or try our Ashiatsu massage, where the therapist will use their body weight by massaging you with their feet. 


Q. Is it okay for a man to get a massage?

Absolutely! Men not only get massages but also find them incredibly beneficial. Our emphasis on pure body therapy, brought to your home or hotel, makes our service a convenient and popular choice for busy men in London.



Best Techniques for Massaging Men

Choose a therapist who understands the unique physical and psychological aspects of men, to ensure the best treatment.

Men's larger, hairier bodies and stronger muscles require specific techniques like deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. These intense techniques are more effective in releasing deeper muscle tension for all over relaxation.

Effective communication is crucial during a massage but some men are hesitant to express their preferences. The best therapists adapt treatments based on body signals and empathetically listening to their clients' needs.

A quality men's massage typically starts with a gentle touch to warm the muscles before gradually increasing pressure. This thoughtful approach creates a comfortable experience, easing into the optimal strength for a truly enjoyable session.



A Therapist's View

Kate, an experienced ITEC and BTEC qualified massage therapist with over 10 years of delivering mobile massages in London, gave us her top thought about men and massage:

Massage therapist Kate's quote: 'Men love a truly robust massage delivered with empathy – it's what turns first-timers into regulars!'



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