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Last updated on: 11/01/2020
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From Austria's 365 day ski resorts to the exclusive Aspen resort in Colorado, the world of skiing is full of fun and glamour. But it can also be exhausting, not only physically but also mentally. Being fit and happy are important ingredients for a successful ski holiday, regardless of whether you can already slide effortlessly down a triple black diamond run or are simply keen going to participate in après ski antics. Use this article to discover how a massage at the end of each day could fix après ski muscle fatigue and boost mental energy from dawn to dusk during your next ski trip.

Pre-Ski State

Whether you have just landed at your favourite ski resort or are planning next year’s trip, it is important to remember that skiing is not all about fun and glamour. Enjoying a ski holiday means being safe and secure – which needs a certain degree of physical and mental fitness.

The most important body parts for succesful skiing is to have strength in your legs, glutes and stomach muscles together with all round flexibility. If you feel that you may be a little lacking in these areas, you can do wonders for your strength, fitness and suppleness in as little as four weeks with a dedicated pre-skiing training programme combined with regular sports massage or physio-style therapy.

Exercises and massages also familiarise you with the concept of warming up muscles. You should always warm up immediately before skiing with some simple stretching exercises to help reduce the risk of muscle strains and sprains.

Don't miss out on a ski holiday simply because you feel a bit unfit or down. You could be pleasantly surprised at how much you can improve both physically and mentally in just a few weeks. The key is to start exercising gradually and regularly, increasing intensity very steadily and to also, very importantly, incorporate appropriate rest and restorative periods. Massage therapy is a godsend for this latter element.


Benefits of Apres Ski Massages

After a hard days skiing, few things feel better than a steaming hot sauna bath or an hour or so of deeply soothing massage therapy. Okay, perhaps having some fun with the local ski instructor at the bar might top that ... but that’s not our area of expertise!

The main benefits of receiving a therapeutic massage at the end of each day after skiing are:


  1. Improves and regulate blood circulation all around the body. This is especially useful after spending a long time outside in below freezing temperatures.
  2. Soothes aching muscles and assists recovery from DOMS, a very common complaint when skiing, especially from beginners and intermediates.
  3. Improve muscle suppleness and joint flexibility, all of which experience an increased level of strain during skiing.
  4. Introduce a period of rest and balance for your mind. Skiing holidays usually comprise hectic days full of activity and muscle usage, with a short break in the early evening, before further exhausting activities begin in local bars and clubs later in the evening. Massage therapy can maximise the rest and recouperation offered to your body in that short intervening period.
  5. Reduce the risk of sleep problems, which are common when in any new environment, so that you can wake up better refreshed and ready for another active day.

Most of the world’s leading ski resorts also offer top-notch spas but even if you are not staying at one of these resorts, you can probably get a mobile massage therapist to visit your resort in most places.


Jet Lag

A good massage is not just great after skiing. It can also help you recover on arrival at your skiing destination after a long and tiring journey.

Consider getting a relaxation massage before heading off to the airport or a jet lag massage on arrival at your ski resort, before you rush off to tackle the snow. It can help revive your energy levels, get your blood circulating better and put you in a more relaxed mood. Being relaxed is a key element of skiing better. So as well as helping you feel good, a therapeutic massage could also improve your chances of success on the slopes! The more relaxed and revitalised you feel, the better your skiing is likely to be.

Ps. For the best therapeutic benefits we recommend you choose a professionally qualified therapist rather than the popular ski bar line of “hey, as well as ski instructing and can massage too, if you're interested?”.


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