Massage For Skiers

Category: Massage Posted: 16 Apr 2019

Posted: 16 Apr 2019

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As Europe’s ski season draws towards its annual close, we welcome back our snow worshipping friends and their tales of triple black diamond runs and après ski antics. But let us not forget those few unlucky souls who won't be able to massage the truth about their skiing achievements as they return home nursing a painful injury for all to see. 

Find out how massage or physiotherapy can help prevent some skiing injuries as well as speed up the recovery process if you are unlucky enough to suffer a sprain or strain whilst on your ski trip.


Pre-Ski Fitness

Whether you’re already planning next year’s trip to the slopes of Val d'Isere, Meribel or Courchevel in the French Alps or soon to jet off to Whistler in Canada, it is important to remember that skiing is not all about fun and glamour. Enjoying your trip to the fullest means keeping safe and well – and that necessitates a certain degree of physical fitness.

Effective skiing requires all round fitness, but the most important aspects are strength in your legs, glutes and stomach muscles together with all round flexibility.

You can do wonders for your strength, fitness and suppleness in as little as 4 weeks with a dedicated pre-skiing training programme. Aim for exercises that focus specifically on your legs and core strength and couple these with regular sports massage or physio-style therapy so that as well as targeting the most important muscle groups you are also giving them the best chance to recover more quickly whilst also improving your agility levels.


Apres-Ski Massages

After a hard days skiing, few things feel better than a steaming hot sauna bath, refreshing swim or deep tissue relaxing massage therapy. Okay, some fun with an attractive local ski instructor in the resort bar might top that list, but that’s not our area of expertise!

The benefits of getting an hour of massage therapy at the end of each day of skiing, before going out for dinner, are plenty. 

From soothing aching muscles and active minds, to improve your chances of sleeping better that evening and waking more refreshed to calming your nerves before you tackle your most challenging ski run yet, getting a massage every day during your ski trip is a wonderful idea. Next year, make your ski holiday a healthier, safer and more enjoyable experience from start to finish by incorporating massage therapy into it as much as you can afford to.

It’s no surprise that more and more of the world’s leading ski resorts also offer top-notch spas.


Jet Lag

A good massage is not just great after skiing. It can also help your mind recover from extended periods of stress at work which often continue to niggle and frustrate you whilst you are on holiday.

Consider getting a relaxation massage before heading off to the airport or a jet lag massage on arrival at your ski resort, before you rush off to tackle the snow. It will help revive your energy levels, get your blood circulating better and put you in a more relaxed mood. As well as simply feeling great, that could also improve your chances of success on the slopes! The more alert and revitalised you feel, the better your skiing.

Hopefully this article has helped demonstrate how integrating regular massage therapy into your routine before, during and after your next trip can help make you enjoy a skiing holiday to the absolute fullest.

Ps. For the best results we suggest you use a professional therapist rather than falling for that infamous cheesy ski instructor line of “Hey, I know how to massage too, if you're interested?!”.