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Last updated on: 09/07/2018
Getting a massage as soon as possible in London

We love London. There are few other cities able to match the magical mix of culture, energy and anticipation that London can conjure up. With so much to do it seems that life is a constant but exciting three-way battle between work, life and free time.

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Many of us need a break to recuperate for the next round of work or fun. Anything from a quick one-hour relaxation classic massage to a weekend City break can work wonders for our energy levels. Finding time to schedule something into those busy diaries however often becomes a challenge in itself.


On-Demand Therapy

Research tells us that we are all using diaries increasingly less. From the ubiquitous Filofax of the 1980s to current day smart phone calenders updating constantly through the cloud, diaries have long been a necessity to live efficient lifestyles. Take a look at your diary right now. Is it chock-a-block full of appointments? Or does it look rather empty? Either way, the actual week ahead is probably going to be a busy one if you are in London. More and more of us are finding ourselves doing things 'on-demand' at the last moment, rather than scheduling it in days or weeks ahead. 

Now look at your diary again. Choose a date and time a few days ahead when you would love to receive a massage. What are the chances that you will be able to stick to that time? Could unforeseen work commitments force you to change your planned relaxation break? Or perhaps an impromptu invite to a sunny drinks evening leave you wondering which you’d prefer more? Step forward the MassageMeNow option in the online booking system.


Massage Me Now

Recognising that free time is often very difficult to predict more than a day ahead - and sometimes even just an hour ahead - The Massage Rooms launched the popular MassageMeNow option in early 2010. It gave customers in London the opportunity, for the first time, to book a professional massage therapist to visit them at their home or in their hotel room in as little as one hour's time and sometimes even sooner.

Both the MassageMeNow option and mobile massage in London work together to bring relief and relaxation to you as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible from you.

Remember living in London can be a stressful experience at times and it's important to note that if you find yourself so busy that you can't even plan a break, take advantage of the host of time-out options available to you at the last moment. 


The Last Minute Massage

Imagine one of those days at the office where you have been working away with no end in sight. You have declined any invites of post-work drinks knowing you have an urgent deadline to meet.

Before you know it, it is 7:00pm and you suddenly realise that actually you can afford to call it a day at the office for once. After the heavy day you have had, you are not particularly in the mood for socialising. As you walk to the underground and head home, you feel a little guilty that the unexpected few bonus hours that you have suddenly found at your disposal this evening will go to waste.

You check the time, it’s 7:15pm. Visit the real-time massage availability system and enter the postcode of your home or hotel. The system then offers you a range of dates and times, including the massage me now option Click that and you will immediately be shown which of London massage therapists could be with you at your home at 8:15pm – that’s right, in as little as one hour! Simply complete your booking online (via your phone, tablet or desktop) and arrive home to meet your professional masseuse waiting for you! If you don't know the postcode of your hotel, Royal Mail offer a useful online postcode finder.


So the next time you suddenly find yourself with a few unexpected stolen hours in your otherwise hectic London lifestyle, choose MassageMeNow and have a mobile massage therapist with you within the hour!



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