Mobile Massage and Tables

Category: Massage Posted: 29 Oct 2018

Posted: 29 Oct 2018

Woman struggling carrying heavy massage table

Should a mobile massage therapist bring a massage table to appointments or not? It’s a question that divides therapists, teachers and customers but not us. 

Anyone who has experienced a high quality traditional massage in Asia will already know that a massage table is not necessary to enjoy a truly excellent massage. The appropriateness of using a massage table depends on various factors. The type of treatment can be relevant but what matters most is whether the treatment is an outcall visiting massage or in a dedicated spa room. Discover why below. 


Massage Table Hygiene 


Health and hygiene go hand in hand, so it might surprise you to discover that recent studies found massage tables in numerous reputable clinics were covered with infectious pathogens.

Yikes! Let’s take a moment to consider that finding. Licensed health centres, with dedicated treatment rooms and cupboards full of disinfectants, found to have potentially infectious massage tables.

The study was not extended to tables used for mobile massage services but it is undoubtedly fair to assume that those findings would not have been any better. Rushed therapists, working alone carrying unwieldy tables from customer to customer around London, probably face a much greater challenge to keep those tables disease free. 

Therapists who use The Massage Rooms platform invariably use the customer’s own massage table or, if the customer does not own a table, use a normal bed or the floor to perform the treatment. Unquestionably, being massaged on your own private surface should be a considerably less worrying proposition. It’s your place and only those you trust have access to it. The policy on massage towels is the same - again for hygiene reasons.

Whether in massage or generally, hand washing is an important factor in controlling the spread of infections. A good therapist always washes their hands thoroughly before and after performing any massage treatment, for the safety of their customers as well as themselves.


Mobile Visits in London 

In addition to the potential health risks posed by portable massage tables, appointments in London present some further challenges. 


Rooms in homes and hotels in London are often relatively small or crammed full of furniture. For a massage therapist to be able to properly perform a treatment on a massage table, there needs to be at least 50cm of clear space around every edge. Taking into account the size of an average portable table, this means 2.8m by 1.70m of clear space is needed to accommodate a massage table and allow the therapist sufficient space to perform a proper therapeutic massage. Have a look around the room where you would like to receive your mobile massage. Do you have that much clear space available? If you do, you are quite unique in London! 


The difficulties of driving and parking around London make it practically impossible to use a car for on-demand mobile therapies in London. This means a masseuse who brings a table has to endure travelling on the trains and buses with a large cumbersome item that usually weighs between 14 – 18kg. Even with a specialist trolley that’s hard work and makes arriving within an hour for an on-demand booking unlikely, especially during the rush hour.

Live on an upper floor without a lift and after a therapeutic deep tissue massage at home? Watch out that your massage therapist does not use most of their vital energy lugging a table up several flights of stairs before they even reach your aching muscles.


When we feel stressed, tired or anxious many of us benefit from a deeply relaxing massage treatment. It can be an even more satisfying and soothing experience if, as in mobile massage therapy, you do not have to worry about travelling.

Many stressed recipients fall asleep during a calming massage and wake up the next day feeling renewed to appreciate the full benefits of getting relaxation therapy at home. The last thing you want if a massage has helped you get over your insomnia is to be woken up to watch a therapist trying to fold and pack away an unwieldy massage table.


Portable Massage Tables 

With proper hygiene procedures being followed, getting massaged on a purpose built massage table in a dedicated spa or clinic treatment room can be a wonderful experience. Dedicated spa tables are designed to be stationary, often weighing between 70 and 100kg and are accordingly sturdy and comfortable for all body shapes and sizes.

Portable massage tables on the other hand are designed to make them suitable for regular transport by a solitary masseuse or masseur. They are made from lighter materials, have folding sections, reduced padding and are smaller in size than a dedicated spa table. Unfortunately this means that a portable table will inevitably be less stable, less comfortable and noisier during use. 

Follow our room preparation tips before your professional massage therapist arrives to get the most out of your therapeutic mobile massage in London. Don’t let the concerns that portable tables can bring with them enter your home.