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Last updated on: 20/08/2023
Woman receiving a massage on a mattress

Do mobile massage therapists need to bring a massage table? Can a massage still be top-notch without one? Many therapists, teachers, and clients ask these questions. But for us, the answer is clear.

Have you ever had a traditional massage in Asia? If so, you'll know a table isn't essential for a brilliant massage. Most Chinese and Thai therapists perform outstanding massages on the floor, with just a slim mattress for cushioning.

Whether to use a massage table or not can depend on a few things. Sometimes, the type of treatment matters. But often, it's more about if the massage is mobile or in a spa room. Let's dive deeper ... 




Close-up of germs on a massage table

It's well known that good health is closely tied to cleanliness. Yet, a recent study on the hygiene of treatment tables revealed a startling truth. Many top clinics were using tables teeming with harmful germs. Yikes!

Think about this: If established health centres, stocked with disinfectants and housed in sanitised rooms, had such contaminated tables, what about mobile massage services? Consider the therapists darting about London's bustling, polluted streets, lugging those cumbersome tables from one client to another. 

Given the study's results, one might reasonably doubt if any massage table in London is genuinely germ-free.

That's why at The Massage Rooms, our therapists often use what the client already has: their bed, floor, or personal massage table. It's simply more hygienic. And for the same reason, we advise using your own towels.

A final note on cleanliness: No matter where the massage happens, top therapists clean their hands before and after. For the best experience, clients should shower before their session. And if you're in a hotel, perhaps enjoy a sauna to prepare your muscles and skin.


Besides hygiene concerns, in London, mobile therapy faces some further unique challenges ...



Massage therapist navigating London room with portable table

Space Constraints

To facilitate a proper massage on a table, there should be a clear 50cm around the table.

But many London homes and hotel rooms are snug or brimming with furnishings.

Considering an average portable table's dimensions, you'd need about 5 square metres (that roughly a floor space of 3m by 2m) for the table and your therapist to walk around it to perform your treatment freely.

Take a moment and check your intended massage space.

Do you have that much free area?

If so, you're in a minority in the city!




Comfort Levels

Comparison of a luxurious spa table and a portable massage tableReceiving a massage on a fixed spa table can be unparalleled in terms of comfort. But such dedicated spa tables are of course impossible to take to mobile appointments.

Conversely, portable tables are crafted for easy transport. In London, with therapists often reliant on public transport, they tend towards the lighter models. But this compromises stability and comfort.

Have a look at the comparison between the two in the image on the left and you'll see what we mean!

We believe in offering optimal, hygienic, and comfortable treatments. So our therapists have been trained to perform excellent treatments on clients' own beds or floors.

This ensures they arrive refreshed and enthusiastic, provide an unhindered service, and allow you to relax post-treatment.

Lighter portable tables, weighing around 12 Kg, are easier to transport but often fall short in comfort. They're typically lower and narrower than the luxurious spa treatment beds. Think about the sturdiness of your home bed, which weighs significantly more. Many clients have said portable tables are often unstable, noisy, and too narrow.

Moreover, after a soothing massage, watching a therapist pack away their table and gear can disrupt the serene atmosphere.

Much better that your therapist can leave without disturbing you and you can drift off to sleep.



Travel Issues

Beyond the comfort and hygiene considerations, the logistical challenges of transporting a massage table across the bustling streets of London cannot be overlooked.


Table Weight

On average, a good quality portable massage table is 15-17 Kg and measures about 1m x 0.5m x 0.3m when folded. Maneuvering such a bulky item around London, even on a trolley, is a challenge. By the time your therapist reaches you, they might already be drained, both physically and mentally.

Customers understandably want their therapists to arrive in top form, fresh and energised, not weary from the journey.


London's Transport Maze

Getting around London can be a task in itself. For on-demand mobile therapists, using a car is almost out of the question due to parking and traffic issues. Imagine a therapist juggling a massage table on trains or buses, alongside other essentials like oils, candles, and music players. 

Seeking immediate therapy? The likelihood diminishes when your therapist has to navigate London's streets with a hefty table in tow.


The Toll on Therapists

Ever carried some heavy shopping back home from the car and felt exhausted? 

Consider the effort your therapist would have to make to carry a table across London. Especially if you're in a higher floor flat without a lift!


So, a massage without a massage table isn't just an alternative - in our view, it's the best choice. Follow our room preparation guidelines, and you'll quickly discover why skipping a portable table is the superior option!


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