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With thousands of massage therapists working in and around London, finding a massage therapist near you should be an easy task. But of course you want to make sure they offer a high quality massage. Finding an experienced and reliable masseuse who can perform treatments near your place with good empathy is made much easier using our platform. Stop worrying about searching for the nearest place to get a professional massage and let us do the legwork for you instead.

Whether you simply need some me time with a relaxing massage or have suffered an injury and need some remedial therapy such as a sports massage, you probably do not want to do is travel far to get what you are after. If you are in London you have many options for where and how to get your massage. The closer to you the better of course.

You may know the area around you very well or you may just visiting and less familiar with your immediate surroundings. Either way, our therapist search platform can answer the popular "where can I get a massage near me" request in less than a minute.

Simply get the postcode (also known as zip code) of your current address and click our Search button below.

There are several options in London when it comes to finding the nearest massage service.

1. Mobile Massage Services

When looking for a massage near you in London, remember that as well as travelling to a local spa, you could turn the tables and request a therapist travel to you instead. This is known as mobile massage. Under this option, you receive your massage so close to you that in fact it will be in your very own home (or hotel room or office). Yep, stop worrying about where the nearest spa is and instead make the spa come to you with a massage at home.

Massage delivered by nearby therapists is what our platform specialises in. We use your details to identify the nearest experienced therapists who can do your treatment of choice in the comfort of your own home and be with you as soon as one hour after you confirm your request.

We believe that this offers the ultimate convenience. After all, there is nothing closer by than where you already are.

Ever pined after one of those beach massages when you've been on holiday? Well no need to travel all the way across the continent to get your massage ... if the weather is good, simply use our system to locate the nearest massage provider and ask for your treatment to be done outside in the garden or on your balcony.

Some of the most popular areas of London where many mobile massage therapists operate and can arrive at homes or hotels within 60 minutes are: North London (Camden and Hampstead in particular), East London (including Canary Wharf), Kensington, Chelsea and Victoria. Further afield the most popular parts of Greater London for home visit massages are: Croydon, Wimbledon, Clapham, Richmond and Heathrow. Popular tourist spots for getting mobile massage therapists to visit hotel rooms are Tower Bridge, Covent Garden and many other areas in the West End.

Top 3 Benefits


  • Book an appointment from the comfort of your armchair in few minutes and relax at home before, during and after your treatment ends
  • Enjoy a massage delivered to you in the comfort and cleanliness of your own home or hotel room and with your own preferred settings
  • View therapist profiles, select your favourite therapist in advance and even have them with you in as little as one hour using the Massage Me Now service

Be Aware Of


  • To get the most out of your massage, you have to spend a few minutes preparing your room in advance.
  • You will be the one to tidy up after the massage. However, this usually simply means tossing a couple of sheets and towels in the wash and then sitting back much more relaxed after your great treatment.

Depending on which part of London you are in, the available therapists will vary. We have specialist massage therapists who cover in North London, East London, West London and South London as well as some further away areas such as Croydon, Wimbledon and Heathrow.


2. Visit a local spa or beauty salon

Traditionally this was the only option available to most Londoners. If you wanted a massage near you, then you would have to telephone and book an appointment to visit the nearest spa or beauty salon. Often you cannot get an on-demand booking and need to book at least several hours and often a day or more in advance.

Using an automated system which identifies the nearest massage providers to you in real-time makes the whole process a lot simpler. Which means you are a lot more relaxed. And that after all is much of what massage therapy is about.

Top 3 Benefits


  • If you happen to be passing by a local spa when you feel like a massage, you can simply pop in and get one (if they have availability)
  • Some London spas (but beware not most) have highly luxurious surroundings and can offer a whole relaxation experience during your visit. Soft robes, slippers, herbal teas and fruits, saunas and chill-out rooms. You can therefore not only receive a massage treatment but also enjoy other relaxation related elements whilst you are there - this is known as a ‘Spa Day’
  • Some very simple beauty salons exist which are sparse in many respects but offer very cheap massages


Possible Drawbacks


  • You usually need to book at least one day in advance. This is especially true for good quality spas or beauty salons 
  • You have to travel to receive your treatment and travel again at the end 
  • Cleanliness standards can vary widely from one establishment to another 
  • You may or may not find the room in which you will be massaged comfortable and to your liking. Remember, as well as cleanliness, overall ambience is incredibly important 
  • You are usually not shown any information on each therapist’s personal style and technique in advance of making your booking 
  • You will most often be allocated your therapist on arrival, with no option to choose who massages you 
  • Luxury spas can charge high prices and add ons like a whole Spa Day cost considerably more


3. Massage in your Hotel Room

For many years hotels have offered massages, either in their own purpose built spa or via an in-room massage service. The hotel provided service is usually only available to guests of the hotel so this option is only one to consider if you know you are going to be staying in a hotel whilst in London. But see below, even if you are staying in a hotel, the hotel's own massage service is not your only option.

Top 3 Benefits


  • Convenient if you are already staying at the hotel and remembered to book your treatment well in advance 
  • Many hotels have a luxurious feel in their spa area, so you can feel pampered before, during and after your massage 
  • Some hotels have additional services like saunas and swimming pools that you can also enjoy when booking a treatment

Possible Drawbacks


  • You need to be staying at the hotel to take book 
  • You usually need to make your appointment at least a day, if not more, in advance 
  • You are usually allocated your therapist on arrival without the option to choose 
  • You are not shown any information on your therapist personality or style in advance 
  • The service can be expensive compared to the alternatives


By far the quickest way to check which massage providers are close to your location is to enter your postcode into our coverage checker. You will then be presented with all the massage providers in your area together with details of which types of treatment they offer and their availablity over the next two weeks.


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