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Last updated on: 25/07/2018
Massage therapist Eva who does Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Sports massage therapy

Eva was born and raised in a small village in western Hungary. As an only child, Eva spent much of her childhood enjoying nature as her home was surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. This was a wonderful and exciting environment for a young child, both safe and fun. However, as she started to mature into a young woman, Eva began to feel constrained by the quaint small village and yearned for more excitement. She decided to move to a small town which was bigger than the village she had grown up in, but soon after arriving there realised that she was looking for yet more. She hungered to discover more of the world around her as well as further her education. So, aged 19, she packed her bags and headed off to Hungary’s capital city of Budapest, to study social work at the university.

In her second year at university, she realised she needed a job which could help support her financially but be flexible enough to continue attending lectures. One of her friends, who practiced martial arts and had regular sports massages, asked Eva to come along to one of the massage treatments. Eva watched the session somewhat puzzled – she had never seen a massage being given before, let alone have received one and couldn’t quite understand what was going on. The whole thing seemed a bit peculiar and Eva wondered why her friend’s body was being bent into strange poses. But slowly she began to note that her friend was beginning to move her strained limbs more freely as the massage progressed. Her confusion turned to wonder and interest. She had always had an interest in human anatomy and she started to wonder if massage could be something she could get involved in to help finance her studies.

She started by booking a massage appointment. She still couldn’t quite believe it really had any meaningful effect and felt like she needed to experience it for herself to make an informed decision. Well it only took one massage – she loved her first ever massage and was immediately convinced that it was indeed valuable skill. Being keen to get it right, she spent a long time researching all the options and looking for a training course that was the perfect fit. She completed her first massage course in 2005 but still considered this to be something that would help her get a part-time job simply to help pay her way. At that time, Eva could never have imagined that massage would not only bypass her interest in social work to become her full-time career but also something she loves so much she also calls it her hobby.

Fast forward to 2018 and Eva has now completed courses in Swedish massage, Sports massage with deep tissue and other advanced techniques as well as Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. When asked what her favourite style is, her response is immediate and clear:

“I could never pick a favourite! I think all these different courses teach really useful different techniques but the overall very best massage is the one that meets the specific needs of your customer”

Unless specifically asked to carry out a particular style, Eva usually applies a combination of all that she has learned in her studies with everything real-world experience has taught her, to try to create the perfect massage for each different client.

“My favourite massage style is real massage!”

When she is waiting for appointments, you might catch Eva reading about her latest interest, nutrition and the chemistry of how our bodies cope. And when that all gets a bit complicated, she heads off to the park to give her mind a rest and learns a new yoga pose to relax. Eva’s favourite holiday experience was a motorbike road trip through the Tatra Mountains, a mountain range which forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. The challenge was both exhilarating and magnificent, with the Polish town of Zakopane now occupying a place deep in her heart.

One of the things Eva loves most about being a mobile massage therapist at The Massage Rooms is that it is so different to when she worked in a clinic. At the clinic she felt like part of a conveyer belt, delivering massages in an almost automated fashion, each customer being ushered out at the end and the next being pushed in. Now that she visits customers in their own homes or hotel room, Eva has found that the atmosphere and overall experience is so much more personal and relaxed for her and her customers. She also loves seeing real London life, which lives behind otherwise hidden private doors.



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