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Last updated on: 07/08/2018
Susanna at the aquarium enjoying a day off from massaging people better

We are beginning to wonder if the air in Hungary contains the secret ingredient of empathy, as we continue to meet and work with some of the most wonderful massage therapists from this part of the world! Here is the story another Hungarian masseuse, a true favourite with many customers, Susanna.

Masseuse Susanna offers the following massage treatment types: Classic | Deeper | Jet Lag | Reflexology | Office & Events

Susanna was born in a small village in Eastern Hungary, close to the Romanian border. Everyone knew everyone else! As a child this gave a lovely feeling of warmth and total trust all around but getting older brought with it feelings of needing a bit more independence and detachment from a very closely knit and small community.

Susanna naturally loved massage since she was a young child, treating friends and family to free relaxation treatments from just 7 years old! However it was several years later in life that she decided she loved it so much that she wanted to train officially and work as a masseuse. She began to study medical massage, as offered in some of Hungary’s best spas such as the Gellert Spa in Budapest. She soon decided massage was her true vocation in life and graduated from her school with flying colours!

After graduating Susanna moved to London with her partner (now husband), who started working for one of London’s many hotels. In 2016, one of our most popular therapists, Hajni, was booked for an in-room hotel massage. On arrival, Hajni approached one of the hotel team members to ask a question and quickly realised he was Hungarian too – it was Susanna’s husband. A conversation struck up about her job and he wondered whether this might be a good opportunity for Susanna to progress her career in London. One thing led to another and soon Susanna had joined the team as well, and had also made a best friend in Hajni, who had helped her through the whole interview and training process.

“For me massage is not just a job, it is my dream job. Massage helps both the body and the soul at the same time.”

Susanna’s favourite massage style is a mix of relaxing effleurage with more intense, penetrating deeper strokes that enhance the feeling of total and deep relaxation. She loves to finish her full body massage treatment with a heavenly relaxation head massage.

At work, Susanna loves the flexibility she has with choosing her working days and times as well as meeting new people almost every day! Seeing the insides of homes and hotels that would be otherwise hidden from her is exciting and interesting. Each person and home has their own individual personality and style and she loves experiencing these variations in so many different people. Once, she entered a new client’s house and noticed a beautiful sculpture of a cat in the corner of the room. She loved the way it looked and continued to admire it as she walked past towards the room she would do the treatment in. Suddenly the sculpture jumped right in front of her and Susanna screamed in surprise, as she suddenly realised this was a real, very still, cat not a sculpture! The client and her both burst out laughing and it made for a lovely way for her and the new client to feel more at ease. When asked what in particular she likes about her current position, Susanna smiles and replies:

“Working with TheMassageRooms.com makes me feel good because everyone is friendly, helpful and I don't have to carry a heavy massage table!”

During her spare time Susanna loves to play with Sissy, her 7 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and read books or just sit outside in one of London’s beautiful parks gazing at the amazing sights all around her. When she has more time to spare, she enjoys travelling further away too to see new places and try different cuisines. Her favourite recent trips abroad were to Venice, Barcelona and Crete but she has also really enjoyed visiting some of the beautiful coastal areas of England.

“It's always nice to help others with a good massage. I would say it's good to be kind with others, keep smiling and never give up!”



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