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Last updated on: 27/08/2018
Sports massage therapist Orsi loves medical massage

With her amazing massage techniques and lovely smiling personality, we are never surprised to see that once a customer has booked a treatment with Orsi, they often book her again and again. Here is Orsi’s story about why she became a massage therapist in her own words.



My story of how I came to be interested in massage therapy was as a result of two separate experiences. For me they were both amazing and very significant when they occurred.

The first was when I was aged just 15. I had been sent to receive some medical massage therapy from a local osteopath to target an ongoing issue of pain which I had been suffering for a while. I was amazed because the chronic migraine which I had suffered for so long was completely fixed as a result of this treatment. I genuinely thought it was magic! It felt like a heavy weight had been magically lifted from around my neck. I couldn’t believe that the massage therapy would have helped me so much but it was a real defining moment for me and one which has definitely contributed to defining my future career path.

The second was some years later when I had my first, and what I can still only describe as the best ever, relaxation massage. Maria, a close friend of mine from my home town Veszprem in Hungary, is also a massage therapist. She offered to give me a massage and I of course happily accepted. The massage she gave me that day was just incredible. As well as feeling great (Maria really is a great masseuse, you must try her if you are ever in her town!), just watching and feeling her massage me, made me realise that the profession I had qualified in myself, nursing, was not want I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

As I received her massage and felt the benefits, I became increasingly more happy and her touch opened my mind. I realised that this was actually what I wanted to do in my life. I wanted to learn massage and I wanted to do massage as my my job. I had by chance found my true vocation in life and I still remember thinking:

“Yes!! Massage is my life!”

I soon started my training and was lucky enough to be able to join one of the best academies of massage in Hungary. I started by signing up to a course in medical massage at the Medical Rheumatic Clinic in Eger, Budapest.

I totally loved the course and over the next two years I qualified in treating rheumatic and sports injury related issues. I practiced on lots and lots of patients over those two years and enjoyed every single treatment.

My course was very comprehensive and we were taught how to deal with many common muscle, bone and joint issues. I have helped patients with many common muscle and joint conditions to feel better through medical massage. I had many middle aged and older patients who were very much more comfortable after receiving my therapy to help with their arthritis pain or polymyalgia rheumatic, a medical condition which causes pain and immobility around muscles in the hips, neck and shoulder areas.

I also used sports massage to help younger people who were usually fit and healthy but had suffered a specific sports injury related issues such as lumbago (lower back pain), bursitis, tennis elbow or hamstring injuries.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend that you visit the Hungarian city of Eger. It is really beautiful and situated close to one of the best natural thermal spas in the world. I think there are only two others like it, one in Turkey and the other in the United States.

"I believe the human body is the most wonderful gift of life. Any person can be their own doctor for many common issues if they fully understand how their own body works."

I started to think deeper about the human body at the age of thirteen, when I first read about how Asian countries approach health and wellness and how it is quite different to the physiological-only based traditional approach of the West. I felt the ancient teachings of the East used in Asian massage techniques were more complex to master but that they had a deeper meaning. I believe that delivering the best massage is an art. It comes from a fine understanding of how the human bodies anatomy works but also an openness of mind for deeper, less tangible, elements such as energy and spirituality.

Exploring these thoughts, even as young as thirteen, made me feel more and more positive every day and turned me into the happy, positive minded person that I am today.

I am so pleased that I applied for a massage therapist job in London with this company. I love to work with The Massage Rooms because I get the chance to go out and use my skills to make people feel better every day. Keeping busy this way also helps me improve – I believe I learn something new and become better every day too. One of the particular benefits of working where I do is that I do not need to carry around a massage table trolley. I have tried one in the past but it is very tiring to travel around the underground in London with one and then also most people do not have the space in their room to properly set up a massage table without moving around furniture and other things. So my massage trolley has been replaced with my energy to do even better massages for my clients!

I know there are lots of london agencies which offer massage therapist jobs but I think I have found the right one for me! I especially love the freedom and flexibility that I get from working as a freelance therapist here.

Mobile massage work does involve a lot of walking - and I love that it keeps me so fit. It's what I call on the go massage therapy! I calculated that I usually climb or descend around 500 steps every day on the London underground as part of the travelling that I do for my job. That’s over ½ a mile of stairs a day, pretty good exercise especially when you add it to the massage treatments that I do. My legs look and feel great as a result, so I am very happy! Whether I am doing a relaxing massage or a sports massage, it's still good exercise for both my mind and my body too.

My massage style is based on the medical massage that I first learned but what I do for each client is always completely adapted to their own needs. My favourite areas for giving massage are the back, neck and shoulders as I believe modern lifestyles (computers and desks!) mean that our bodies need massage in these areas even more than every before.

I have really enjoyed writing my opinion about why I love being a masseuse in London. I wish there was a massage therapist forum where I could share my views with other therapists too. I am naturally a very friendly person and trust other people from the beginning. I am also very flexible and I give you my personal guarantee that once I have met you, you will understand my motto:

Care with a smile!



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