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Last updated on: 21/08/2018
Man floating on his back in the Dead Sea, as soothing as a relaxing massage.

If you are wondering how to relax and a trip to Israel’s Dead Sea is not on the cards, read on to see how you can take some soft steps towards achieving nirvana at home through massage.


What is relaxation massage

Mention the word massage and it is hard not to think of relaxation. However, not all massages are designed to be tranquil, so if you are looking for a treatment that is specifically designed to help calm you down, it is important to choose the best therapy for you as well as to set the right ambiance in advance.

The key to achieving total bliss is reducing both physical tension and mental anxiety. Many aspects of massage therapy are specifically designed to deal directly with exactly these issues. A relaxation massage is a treatment where your therapist will focus on all-inclusive methods to ease general tension and overall stress, as opposed to specifically targeted injury recovery or tissue improvement techniques such as those used in sports massage or anti-cellulite massage.

For relaxation to truly take place, a holistic approach is critical.



What is a holistic approach?

Applying the right strokes to your body is only part of the equation. Taking a warm or hot bath before your massage, enjoying relaxing sounds by playing calming music during the treatment, and setting soft mood lighting all make important contributions to the overall effectiveness of relaxation therapy. When receiving a massage at home, you can easily prepare your room in advance exactly to your own personal preferences to take full advantage of these additional important factors. Get the mood right and you'll be well on your way to relaxation heaven.



The best relaxing massage techniques

Styles that centre on long, flowing strokes are the best techniques to choose for a relaxation massage. Classic massage, also known as Swedish massage or Californian massage, is an excellent and popular choice as effleurage strokes form a key part of this style. However, for true massage addicts who are accustomed to receiving massages which are both deep but also incredibly soothing, a Lomi Lomi massage is one of the most relaxing massages in the world.


Full body or not?

As well as the type of strokes used, it is important to ensure that you are only massaged where you want to be. For many people nothing but a full body oil massage will do when it comes to total relaxation. Others may feel uncomfortable with certain parts of their body being exposed or touched - feet and buttocks are two common areas. Letting your therapist know in advance by using the easy online booking Focus Man can help ensure that you remain calm and comfortable throughout your treatment. If you are happy to have your feet and head massaged, then these are two parts of the body which we highly recommend are included as part of your relaxing treatment.


Warm oil

Warming up the massage oil adds an extra layer of soothing luxury. Simply invest in a basic electric bottle warmer and follow the instructions before popping in your therapist’s oil bottle to enjoy warm oil being applied to your body throughout your treatment.


Scented Oil

Add in a few drops of a carefully selected aromatherapy massage oil and experience a boost in the sense of calm and tranquillity all around you. Lavender massage oil and Ylang Ylang are two of the most popular when it comes to soothing scents which can calm the mind, reduce feelings of tension and enhance serenity.


Best Therapist

Choosing a massage therapist with the right personality is also key to enjoying a relaxing massage. You can read each therapist's profile whilst you are booking to ensure that as well offering the right type of massage treatment the masseuse's personality fits your requirements.


No Talking

Finally, less is more when it comes to talking during a relaxation massage. Your therapist is trained to be aware of your interest or otherwise in chatting and to gently direct any conversation towards silence during relaxation therapy. Our minds relax best when they do not have to work on what to say next.



Getting a Relaxing Massage at Home

Receiving a massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room further encourages total relaxation. You are quite literally able to feel completely at home. Best of all, when your treatment reaches its natural and blissful end, you can simply stay in bed to continue to enjoy your newfound state of total relaxation.



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