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Last updated on: 30/06/2018
An ourdoot massage in the garden during summer

It’s the weekend and the sun is shining brightly on London. Or at least it was as we wrote this post. Your city balcony (or garden if you’re lucky enough to have one in London) are beckoning. You’re loosely dressed. The breeze if flowing and iced tea is in the cool jug. It’s glorious. But it could be better.


Have you ever considered having your massage outdoors?

We don't mean on the street at the bus stop of course. Unfortunately we also can't promise you the privacy of a white curtained gazebo housing a comfortable bed overlooking the beach for your massage. However, why not take advantage of the beautiful summer sun and recreate that atmosphere just outside your very own home, in the back garden or on a balcony? If you plan it properly it can be a really amazing experience. Much of the same advice that applies to setting up your room indoors also applies outdoors, with some further ideas below.

Root with nature

If you are lucky enough to have some grass, lay on a large comfortable picnic mat with your feet hanging off the edge on to the grass to enjoy your massage whilst a part of you is grounded with nature. Next best is wood decking, and then slabs, but for either of these you will probably want to consider using a bit more padding for yourself.

Undress to impress

Be sensible, is the best advice here. We are in a crowded city and few of us likely have the luxury of a completely private outdoor space. Our standard suggestion for how far to undress is as always, to your own comfort level. But outside, do be aware of others and stripping down to a bikini or shorts, just as you might when sunbathing, is probably the best idea. This way you allow your therapist to massage you whilst maintaining respect and dignity all around. 

Cream not oil

It is of course completely up to you, but we recommend you provide your therapist with your favourite sun cream for your massage. This way you’ll get two benefits in one. Remember also, applying oil rather than a protective cream in the sun can actually increase the likelihood of sunburn due to oil's reflective qualities.

Breezy shade

The ideal spot outdoors is a place in the shade with a slight breeze. If it's really hot and you have an electric fan that you can plug outside then do. Turn it up and close your eyes and you’ll soon feel like you have been whisked away to a Caribbean retreat by the sea.


Have a jug of cool water or iced tea nearby to keep yourself well hydrated and refreshed throughout your massage.

Dulcet tones

Sweet, soothing background music can create the icing on this outdoor massage cake. Once again, be respectful of your neighbours and play music at a level that does not draw attention.



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