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Last updated on: 22/06/2018
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This week we have a lovely new massage therapist, named Ines, who has joined our team. Ines is so passionate about massage and such a happy person that we invited her to share her story directly with you. Below are Ines’s own words on why she loves massaging people better!


“Hello, my name is Ines. I am a French girl who lives in London and is totally passionate about massage!

But how did I arrive to this point? There is a story behind all this passion for massage. And I am happy today to share it with you.

I grew up with my mum, she raised me alone and she always did her best to make me happy. It was just the two of us, my mum & I, nobody else, because I am on only child and my parents divorced when I was two. I never felt I missed something or somebody, my mum gave me the love of two parents and she did an amazing job. I am proud of her, proud of the values and principals she taught me because she is the reason why I love to do massage so much. On my birthday, just before Christmas on 20 December, each year she tried to organise something special for me, something new and something original. She wanted me to be surprised, happy and satisfied.

One of these birthday surprises was just incredible for me. It was going to change my life, my thoughts and my future decisions but I didn’t know yet at this moment. I was just 10 years old, and that year, because it was a special number, my mum organised a surprise visit to a spa. I’ll let you guess what she offered me... of course, a massage!

“A massage? But what is that?”, I remember asking my mum. I remember the moment like it was yesterday. She answered me that I needed to relax and that I was going to have and receive a very relaxing moment. My mum was right, I had a wonderful time and the masseuse was so kind, at the beginning, she reassured me because I was stressing out, I really didn’t know what a massage was, how it was going to be and what was going to happen exactly. This moment made me understand how important the role of the masseuse is very important at the beginning of a massage, to make the customer completely relaxed in order to fully enjoy the massage that he or she is going to receive.

I used the word “receive” the same one that my mum used when she told me I was going to be massaged for my birthday. It is very important because when you receive something, it means the person is giving you something. I felt that my masseuse that day gave me all her passion, all her investment and all the pleasure she had while she massaged me. I received wellness and good feelings, and she gave me that because she loved what she was doing. Through her hands, I felt the love and the passion and that is why I loved and appreciated that gift of massage so much that day.

“When you love what you do, then you give it 100%!” was what the masseuse had said to me at the end of the treatment, when I had told her that she was an excellent and most incredible therapist.

From that moment, I have always remembered what she said, to build my life more positively. I always tell myself, “I will always do something I love because I want to do things at 100% too”. We say that it is the experiences of childhood that mark us the most, and in my case it is certainly true. My birthday at 10 years old birthday marked me for life, that gift of a massage changed my life and it created the beginning of my beautiful passion: to massage people, offer them good feelings and a wonderful relaxing moment. I realise now that on my 10th birthday, my mum’s gift was not just about me getting the incredible massage, but her gift also allowed me to learn a bit more about myself. After that, I always wanted to massage my mum and my friends. That’s how I first began to practice massage and over the following years I improved and added new techniques. I even tried to close my eyes to feel totally invested in the massage I am giving and it is most of the time what I do. Later on I formalised my training in a local spa in France. 

I believe I have a very deep connection with the flow of movements that I do. I am totally concentrated and focussed whilst massaging. I know when we are massaged we are in a beautiful bubble, we have our eyes closed and are enjoying the massage but it is the same for me when I am massaging people: I feel like I am in my own beautiful bubble, deeply concentrated on what I am doing and enjoying the massage I am giving. 

Why I am so passionate and always do my best to make my clients feel as relaxed and as happy as possible? Because of my mum! She always gave me as much love and happiness as possible and I want to spread a similar love and happiness like she taught me in everything I do in my life, including massaging people. My mum taught me about listening to others, respecting others and the power of positivity and honesty in life. I have found that values are of course important in life generally but they have also helped me a lot in my career as a massage therapist. As you can probably tell, I am really grateful to my mum, I couldn’t be more proud - thank you Mummy! 

I love to massage people but above all I love to know they are going to a peaceful state of mind thanks to a great massage and also a masseuse who truly cares about their feelings and their wellness.

I do have one other passion since I am a child and that is music. I love to listen to relaxing music and peaceful songs, that helps me to always have positive energy that I can spread around me and to the people I meet in my every day life. I love to sing too! I often write songs, it helps me to feel better when I need to express my feelings. I always try to live my day in a way to help me to feel good, because, if I’m feeling good, I believe people I interact with will notice my happiness but will feel it too! Let’s share peaceful vibes!


We hope you enjoyed reading Ines's open and honest view about what led her to massage and why she loves it so much, in her own words. 

If you would like to make a booking with Ines, just head over to our Online Booking System and see if she covers your postcode.



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