Protecting Your Mattress During Massage

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Last updated on: 14/06/2018
protect your mattress from oil spills

From time to time we publish simple, easy to action tips, which we have picked up through several years of experience and which we hope will help you enjoy a better massage at home. The Massage Rooms therapists carry out the massage treatment on your normal bed or the floor, whichever your prefer.


Leaks & Stains

Unless you are receiving a dry massage such as an office chair massage, then you need to consider the risk of leaks and stains from oil. Whilst receiving an oil-based massage, it is quite likely that the oil will transfer from your body or the therapist’s hands and arms to the surface you are laying on. Oil stains very easily and is notoriously difficult to remove from fabric. We recommend you cover whichever surface you will be laying on to receive your treatment with some simple protection prior to receiving your massage. Many customers simply lay a couple of old towels or a washable sheet over the top of their mattress or floor. If you adopt this approach you need to make sure that the sheet is not highly absorbent as otherwise the oil will simply leak through to whatever is below. 

The extent and difficulty of stain removal depends on which oil you choose for your massage. Almond oil is lovely to experience but does tend to stain more heavily than grapeseed oil which is much lighter and easier to wash out.


The Ikea Hack

Grab a simple waterproof mattress protector from Ikea for a quick and easy solution. It comes in a variety of mattress sizes, both European and traditional English, and since it has elasticated sides, it fits nice and tightly over your mattress without sliding about during your massage. 

The top is mainly cotton, so it is comfortable to lay on too. And we think the best bit is, since it has a waterproof layer, you can simply slip it over your existing mattress and sheet as any spills will stay on the top side of the protector. At the end of your massage, just pull it off and throw it in the wash – being washable at 60°C, you can give it a good blast to better attack any oil stains. 

If you’re not close to an Ikea, lots of other retailers also offer a variety of mattress protectors … just check it is waterproof to ensure the best possible protection during your treatment. We hope this tip helps you have an even more relaxing home visit massage, before during and after your masseuse’s visit!

Clean mattress in bedroom ready for massage therapy


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