Why Can Babies Relax More Easily Than Adults?

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Last updated on: 17/06/2018
Learn how to relax like a baby to enjoy your home visit massage even more

From early adulthood onwards, most of us take on increasing responsibilities through the normal course of life. These growing obligations often mean ever increasing levels of stress and anxiety. It’s not surprising then, that most of us will as some stage looked whimsically at a child and wished we were young again.

Whilst we can’t promise you back your youth, there are some interesting traits that children possess which we can re-learn from to help us relax better. You were a child once too. It is just a matter of re-learning what was once completely natural to you. Take note and be mindful of these points during your next full body massage and you may be pleasantly surprised how much more you enjoy it.


Children trust until told otherwise. Adults are often wary and suspicious, perhaps through repeated negative experiences. Switch off your paranoia during your massage. Trust your experienced therapist. One of the most important qualities we look for when selecting a massage therapist to work with us is their empathy towards all others, whatever their background may be.


Children marvel at each new thing they experience. Open your mind and enjoy the experience of a new therapist, a new personality, a new approach. Let your massage be your therapist’s favourite style. Wonder in their approach to relaxation. Let go of preconceptions and simply enjoy.


Children forgive and forget within minutes. They learn and accept new things all the time. Don’t hold a grudge, be forgiving, learned. Massage is a personal service, your therapist may have elements of a personality that is not familiar or sit entirely comfortably with your personal approach to life. Try to accept and enjoy your therapist’s way for a short while.


Children get excited about almost everything. Whether you live in London or are on a short break, get excited about your professional mobile massage in London. Be excited that you are about to welcome a new person into your home. Show your curiosity about your therapist’s interests and massage style. Enjoy the experience of massage, let it tingle your mind and body.

Be Secure

Children have the beautiful quality of totally lacking in body consciousness. This is a wonderful way to be and massage therapists are brilliant at making you feel that way again. Think doctors, nurses … think massage therapists. Don’t be overly body conscious and worry too much about what to wear or not. Getting naked is good for you - and facilitates a better massage. 

The next time you book a massage, think back to your childhood and let some of those wonderful qualities that you may have lost over the last decade or three back into your life ... at least for the duration of your massage. 

Finally, if any of the above points jump out at you as a particular areas of concern that has always bothered you, please remember that these are not musts but simply suggestions. Moreover, your therapist is a trained professional who is there to help you reach your best state, both physical and psychological. Use them as your confidant for improvement. They will be happy to oblige!



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