How To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury

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Last updated on: 12/06/2018
Instead use your keyboard to book a restorative massage to help fix RSI

What is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

This is one injury that is pretty well described by its name! RSI is an injury caused usually to muscles or joints in your upper body as a result of overuse without adequate rest and exercise.


What does RSI feel like?

Repetitive strain injury usually affects your upper body parts, in particular the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and neck & shoulder area. If you have been feeling pain and aches in those parts, especially during repetitive tasks such as typing on a computer keyboard or using a computer mouse all day, then you could be suffering from RSI. As well as pain, common symptoms include a feeling of numbness and tingling, stiffness or a general weakness around the muscles and joints. 

To begin with, you may only feel the symptoms of RSI while you are doing the repetitive task but without proper remedial action it could become chronic.


How do you get RSI?

Repetitive tasks, without adequate breaks, and poor posture whilst doing those tasks are the key factors that can cause repetitive strain injuries.


How can I cure my RSI?

Always talk to your employer if you think you might be suffering from RSI, as they have a legal duty to try to prevent it and help fix it. One of the most important aspects of fixing RSI injuries is to modify your working practice, so that the thing that caused it in the first place is amended appropriately. This can mean new equipment, new chairs or introducing a lower intensity of working. Your GP may recommend anti-inflammatory medication such as Nurofen or using a hot/cold pack for temporary relief. Your GP may also recommend getting regular massages, seeing a physiotherapist and doing yoga exercises.


Can massage help with RSI?

Massage helps relax muscles and over a period of time can also contribute to the strengthening of muscles and joints. Massage provides not only an element of relaxation but also restoration, prevention and maintenance of health. Together this can help reduce the pain from existing RSI and avoid future issues.

When you book your mobile massage in London with us, please make sure you click the appropriate body parts in our Focus Body and in the comments field during checkout, you can mention that you would like your massage therapist to focus on relaxing the muscles in your upper body. Our physio-style massage can be a great choice for helping with this kind of issue.

You may also want to mention to your employer that you would like to book a course of massages with us, as they may offer to pay for those massages – they are legally obliged to help you recover from work-related injuries and many employers are more than happy to pay for (or contribute towards) a short course of massage treatments to help with RSI issues. If you know someone who has been suffering from repetitive strain injury issues, you can surprise them with one of our Gift Vouchers to get them started.



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