Can Scalp Massage Really Stop Hair Loss?

Category: Massage Posted: 22 Jan 2019

Posted: 22 Jan 2019

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If you have been scratching your head wondering where your hair has gone, you might be surprised to learn that doing so may have actually helped hair regrowth.

According to scientists, scratching or other specialised scalp massage techniques can not only stimulate hair growth but may also help regrow lost locks and thicken existing strands.


Male pattern baldness

Almost every man experiences a degree of scalp balding at some stage during his life. 

Whether or not that concerns you is completely down to personal preferences. There are probably just as many men who fear the day their hair will begin to shed as those who couldn’t care either way. 

Or perhaps not. Numerous hair loss studies, never ending claims of miracle cures for hair loss and empirical evidence through the generations suggest that actually most men do care. However, men appear much less keen to battle male pattern baldness through the use of unproven chemical supplements or painful implant procedures. So what other options are there to combat hair loss?


Scalp anatomy

Scalp massage is a natural, longer term, approach to thickening hair and re-establishing hairlines. The method takes account of the scalp’s physiology and anatomy and applies some of the most well known benefits of massage therapy to help stimulate hair regrowth.

Your scalp comprises five separate layers of connective tissue and fat, sitting just above your skull bone. We are all familiar with skin, the top layer of the scalp, through which those sought after individual hair strands finally emerge. However, it is in the two layers directly below the skin that things get a little more interesting in respect of hair growth. 

Each strand of hair continues just below the skin before ending with a root neatly enclosed in an individual hair follicle. These roots and follicles sit in a thin layer of subcutaneous fat just below the skin.

The third layer, known as galea aponeurotica is a tough tendon like tissue material that connects the various muscles of the scalp together. When male pattern baldness hits, it almost invariably affects the hair directly above the galea before any other area of the scalp. Scientists now believe that the make up and condition of the galea layer is a key determinant in whether and how quickly you will lose the hair on your head. 


How does scalp massage help regrow hair?

Scalp massage for hair loss comprises a range of rigorous techniques that trained therapists apply to your head over the galea aponeurotica area. The massage style is not a relaxing one and is performed with a dedicated intention to invigorate blood flow and stimulate glands. 

According to one recent study, these techniques known as detumescence therapy, can help clear blockages in root glands that may have been hampering hair growth and also encourage more healthy nutrients to reach the follicles and strengthen roots. 

Whether you want to try scalp massage yourself at home or have a visiting therapist do it for you, studies have indicated that regular treatments need to continue for about a year for noticeable results to be seen. Encouragingly, every single one of the participants in the extended detumescence therapy trial which was conducted in Hong Kong saw hair regrowth. 

Whilst the studies conducted to date have been very positive, good results took a significant amount of time and effort to achieve and further research is needed before we can conclusively report that scalp massage really does thicken and regrow hair. What we can say for now is: 

“a man don’t need a mane, 

but if hair loss is your bane,

try a scalp massage in preference to Regaine!”