Combatting Hair Loss with Massage

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Last updated on: 24/01/2020
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Scratching your head worrying about hair loss?

You are not unusual. Numerous hair loss studies over several decades have shown that a great many men care quite passionately about losing hair.

In this article, you will discover whether baldness is common amongst men, how scalp massage for hair loss works and our best recommendation for battling those receding hairline concerns.


Male pattern baldness

Most men experience a degree of balding from the age of 30 onwards. The amount of hair loss varies from one person to another, but very few men will have the same volume of head hair aged 40 as they did when 20.

So male pattern baldness is natural and common.

But even though men much prefer to retain their full head of hair, neither hair restoration pills and lotions nor implant surgery are all that popular.

This is not entirely surprising.

Implant surgery is expensive, can be painful and is time consuming. It is also a dramatic change. This can cause public confidence issues in what is essentially a very personal subject.

The other option, hair loss supplements and regrowth lotions are also expensive and either scientifically unproven or accompanied by a lengthy list of unattractive potential side effects.

And none of these routes offer guaranteed results. It’s no wonder men are generally avoiding them.

Male hair loss is a natural part of the cycle of life. Attempts to change nature's course are usually risky, costly and disruptive.

It appears most men already recognise that fact. Even if they don’t particularly like it.

There are however two natural ways of dealing with the issues of hair loss. One of them could restore your locks and is currently being scientifically assessed, whilst the other focuses on the root of the problem and deals with that instead.

Read on to discover what each is and which we recommend.


Scalp massage for hair loss

The theory of using scalp massage to regrow hair on the head is based on a scientific analysis of the anatomy of the scalp and how hair sits within it. Human scalp comprises five separate connective tissue and fat layers. The top three layers is where the action happens when it comes to hair growth.

Skin, the top layer, is of course where new hair strands finally emerge and contribute to creating a visibly thicker head of hair. However, it is in the two layers directly below the skin where things get a little more interesting.

Below the skin, each individual strand of hair ends with a root which is neatly enclosed in a corresponding hair follicle. These hair follicle sacs all sit in the second layer below the skin, known as subcutaneous fat. A person with a full head of hair can have as many as 150,000 follicles of hair in their scalp.

The third section down is the all-important galea aponeurotica. Unlike the skin and subcutaneous fat layers, this hard tendon like tissue-based layer does not cover the whole scalp.

The galea connects various muscles around the scalp and is most prominent at the temples and skull cap areas.

It has been found that when male pattern baldness sets in, hair strands that are directly above the galea layer are almost always the first ones to fall out.

Scientists now believe, as a result of recent research, that the condition and composition of your galea layer is a key determinant in how quickly you will lose hair.

Scalp massage for hair loss aims to restore and improve the condition of the galea layer through manual manipulation therapies.


How does scalp massage help regrow hair?

Scalp massage for hair loss uses a range of rigorous rubbing techniques applied to the head by specially trained therapists, over an extended period of time at regular intervals.

The repeated manual stimulation of the scalp is believed to improve blood flow to the nerves and muscles therein. This improved circulation can boost the overall volume and regularity at which good nutrients are delivered to hair follicles, encouraging new growth, strengthening roots and reducing future fall out.

According to one recent study, these techniques known as detumescence therapy, may also help clear blockages in root glands that might hamper hair growth.

Hair loss scalp massage treatments are very different to a typical Indian head massage. Rather than being calm and soothing like many massages, a hair growth focused massage can feel quite intense and painful.

The massage is primarily directed at the galea aponeurotica areas with the intention of invigorating stagnant blood flow and stimulating glands through short, sharp, rapid and quite forceful movements.

Impressively, a recent detumescence therapy trial in Hong Kong concluded with every single participant seeing hair regrowth at the end of the first year of treatment.

Whilst studies like this have shown positive results, the best results have only been seen so far after considerable and repeated efforts over extended periods of time. Further research is still needed before we can conclusively report that scalp massage really can thicken and regrow hair.


Hair Loss: The Alternative Solution

Ever noticed how many of the world’s most popular celebrities are bald or balding? From some of the world’s highest paid actors like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel to celebrated heartthrobs Jude Law and Jason Statham, many of the men featuring high in international attractiveness charts are bald.

Despite being follically challenged, these men continue to land some of the most sought after jobs in industries known for being highly focused on looks and image.

Going bald does not appear to have adversely affected them.

We can’t say for sure, but one common characteristic between all these aesthetically successful bald men is good physique.

Take a second to let that settle in: these highly attractive men are bald but not overweight.

Ever heard the phrase “fit, bald and ugly”? No, nor have we. Contrast that with the more familiar phrase about overweight men who are balding.

Losing your hair naturally as you age really is no biggie. But if a receding hairline is affecting you then we think the best solution is to focus on getting healthier.

Eating well, exercise and regular massages can all help you lose weight and improve your physique. Delivered with empathy, massage therapy is also an excellent way to improve mental health.

The healthier and happier you are, the less you (or anyone else) is likely to focus on your lack of head hair. Numerous Hollywood celebrities have already successfully adopted this approach and used it to their advantage.

Rather than spend your energy and hard earned cash on unproven or unwieldily hair regrowth schemes, focus your efforts on improving your overall health and wellness instead. Then go forth - bald and confident - looking better overall than you have ever looked before!


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