Massage Discount Codes for London's Urban Residents

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Last updated on: 20/09/2023
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Searching for the best London urban massage discount codes? You're in the right place! 


Where to Find Valid Massage Discount Codes

You can find massage discount codes by following massage therapists on social media, subscribing to local spa newsletters or visiting trusted voucher websites. For massage discount codes that are guaranteed to actually work you can also browse our list. We ensure each code is up-to-date and functional and the best one here could get a massage for you and a friend at home in London from just £50 each.



Individual Massage: London Discount Codes

Want to bag a full one and half hours of professional massage therapy in the comfort of your own home in London for just £70? Then choose a 90-minute treatment on our online booking system and apply our special urban discount code TMR33 during checkout. 

Individual massage discount code voucher

Use TMR33 Code Now

Valid Until 31 March 2024


We already offer some of the most competitive prices in London for our mobile massage services. With our special urban discount code, you'll enjoy even greater value, saving £10 from our regular rate of £80. It's a deal you won't find anywhere else!



Exclusive: Couples Massage Discount Code

Book an urban-style couples massage in London and snag a deal better than any standard massage discount code. Follow our special tip below and get an incredible home massage experience for just £50 each!

Urban massage couples discount code banner

Use our SMS33 discount code during checkout to get a 120-minute massage session at the discounted price of £100 (down from £110).

Extra Money Saving Tip: If you want to get the best possible value in town then choose this option and add the comment "This booking is for a couples massage and we would like 60 minutes each" in your booking. That way, you and a friend or partner can both enjoy a one-hour massage for just £50 each!

You can also split the time differently if you like, such as 90 minutes for one and 30 for the other.

Enjoy a top-quality, on-demand urban massage in the comfort of your home or hotel, all at unparalleled value in one of the world's busiest cities.


Use SMS33 Code Now

Valid Until 31 March 2024



Special Discount for NHS Workers

Work for the NHS? Use our unique NHS99 massage discount code during checkout to save £10 on your next massage, whether it's a 2 hour treatment or a 90 minute treatment.

NHS massage discount code for urban massages in London

Use NHS99 Code Now

Valid Until 31 March 2024


Feeling Charitable?

Many savvy shoppers scour the internet for discount codes. But if you think our massages already offer stellar value — or you're feeling generous — consider using our special 'NODEAL' code. This adds £10 to your massage cost, which we'll match, donating a total of £20 to our chosen London charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

It's a tongue-in-cheek option that's already proven popular among our generous clients!

Voucher for our special charity donation discount

Use NODEAL Code Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these discount codes for 'urban massages' in London by The Massage Rooms?

Yes, these discount codes are specifically for The Massage Rooms' services in London. They are designed to offer savings on our urban massages — meaning massages delivered right to your doorstep in the bustling city of London. They are not affiliated with any other companies or services.


What makes your discount codes better than an "urban massage discount code"?

Our base prices for a variety of massage treatments and durations are already competitive. When you add one of our discount codes to the mix, you're achieving exceptional value that's hard to beat. So not only are you getting top-quality, personalised urban massage services in London, but you're also benefiting from added savings.


How can I maximise savings with your discount codes?

By booking longer durations or couples massages and splitting the session between friends, you can save even more than with a traditional discount code! 


Is there a time limit on using these discount codes?

Our discount codes have a long validity period that is typically longer lasting than most urban massage discount codes in London. This page will be updated with any changes.


What areas in London do your discount codes cover?

Our discount codes are valid for massages across all of London.


How do your codes benefit repeat customers?

We offer loyalty points on every booking made with a discount code. Over time, these can accumulate for even greater savings - and you can still use the discount code too as a repeat customer. We don't believe in treating new customers better than our loyal repeat customers!


What’s unique about your charity donation code?

Our "NODEAL" code allows for a charitable contribution to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, making your booking not just beneficial for you but for a good cause.


Can these codes be combined with other offers?

Unless stated otherwise, our discount codes are stand-alone offers and cannot be combined. 


Can my friends also use these discount codes?

Easily spread the word about our urban massage discount codes by clicking one of the Share buttons below to inform your friends and family.


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