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Last updated on: 26/04/2019
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Each year, on 1 May, people around the world celebrate international Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day. Following hot on the heels of Easter and a likely excess of chocolate indulgence, Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day is a great chance to reintroduce health and wellness back into your lifestyle.


What’s It About?

Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day has been running since 2014. Whether you are a massage addict or virgin, the day provides an excellent opportunity for all of us to discover and appreciate a new type of therapy for the first time.

It is human nature to err on the side of caution and have what we know and are used to. But when was the last time you tried something for the first time? You may have had a massage recently but what about a treatment style that you have never tried before? Or perhaps even a new masseuse. When it comes to massage therapy, we might use a range of well-known names to describe the general style and technique of the treatment but in reality it’s not Swedish, Deep Tissue or any other massage - it’s simply your masseuse’s massage.

Browse the most popular treatment types for some inspiration on what you might try for the first time on Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day.


Why Allocate A Day To Celebrate Therapeutic Massage?

Most of us live fast – but we don’t have to die young.

Taking care of your own health should be your natural number one priority. But that’s easier said than done. So let someone else do it for you.

It’s not at all unusual, especially in urban environments, for residents to have a regular arrangement for a specialist to visit and clean your home. That’s all well and good – but should cleaning your home really come before spring cleaning your health?

Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day aims to remind us that health matters most. If you can afford a cleaner, then you can afford a regular massage. Whether you can afford both, only you can decide. But we know which we think should be prioritised.


How To Observe Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day

Simple – put aside your chores and other commitments for at least an hour, preferably two, and instead allow yourself the time to relax and rejuvenate with a health based massage professionally delivered to you by a trained and experienced therapist.

We hope that when you have tried it once, holistic massage therapy will become a part of your regular natural health routine.

Whether you book an ancient medicinal style such as Ayurvedic massage from India or the spiritually restoring Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or simply opt for one of the popular European styles such as classic Swedish massage, you can rest assured that a professionally delivered session will be beneficial for your both your physical and mental health.


Isn't 1 May International Workers Day?

Yes it is. And it's not a coincidence. We think it's great that the year long hard work and efforts of labourers and the working classes from around the world are recognised on International Workers Day (or Labour Day in America). What better way to celebrate those efforts by putting aside manual labour for this day and instead enjoying some professional relaxation therapy.

Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day celebrates the beauty of massage and its cheek-to-cheek links to better physical health and mental happiness. So even though 1 May is also Labour Day ... in fact especially because it is ... you should not work all day on that day. Instead celebrate your year long efforts by starting, continuing or renewing your journey to better holistic health with some feel good massage therapy.



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