How A Therapeutic Massage In London Can Help

Category: Health Posted: 20 Jul 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018

Masseuse giving a therapeutic massage in London

One of the primary aims of real massage is to deliver relaxation and happiness in a welcoming and healthy manner. The word therapeutic is in many ways synonymous with massage and we think this Cambridge Dictionary definition has nailed it. If you are searching for a therapeutic massage in London near you, then it is important to understand what this means.


What is therapeutic massage therapy?

There are many different types of mobile massage London but one thing they all have in common is an aim to relax you whilst protecting and restoring your mental and physical health. Depending on the style of manual therapy you select for your therapeutic massage in London, the technique used by massage therapists can vary significantly. Swedish massage is usually applied with a softer pressure and utilises effleurage, petrissage and rhythmic tapping. Deep tissue massage and Sports Massage use many of the same underlying methods as Swedish massage and is also usually applied to the whole body but with a more intense pressure, thus allowing your massage therapist to penetrate deeper into muscles and release toxins.

On the other hand, Reflexology and Shiatsu, two more highly popular treatment styles, employ quite different techniques to Swedish or Deep Tissue. Here the client is usually fully clothed, no cream or oils are used and the emphasis is on applying focused pressure to very specific pressure points along meridian lines.

Thai massage can be carried out on you whilst you are clothed or unclothed and usually comprises a range of remedial massage techniques including stretches to improve posture and flexibility as well as relaxing oil based strokes.


Is massage therapy effective?

Even though the four popular massage styles described above utilise very different techniques, they like any other therapeutic massage in London, have the same underlying aims and philosophy: to restore your health, relax your muscles and generally make you feel happier. Some people believe that 'massage' and 'manual therapy' are two distinct areas (the former being focused on relaxation and the latter being focused on fixing muscle and joint issues). We don't agree, we believe the terms overlap and both form part of the same sphere: health, wellness and happiness through touch. 


If it's not therapeutic massage then what might it be?

Whether you receive your treatment in London through a mobile massage provider or at a fixed location beauty salon or spa, it is important that you establish in advance that the service to be provided will be remedial and professional. As long as the service you choose is delivered by a professional massage therapist then you can rest assured that the massage therapy will be therapeutic in nature.

As covered in our FAQs there are certain other types of 'massage' available in London, as everywhere else in the world. Some argue that those 'extra services' massages also deliver happiness and relaxation in a healthy way. Without entering a philosophical discussion about whether all safe massage in therapeutic regardless of whether any extra services are offered, it is suffice to say that the treatments available here are completely asexual.


How many therapy sessions are needed to be effective?

Like exercise, healthy eating and various other health improvement techniques, massage is most effective when incorporated into your general lifestyle as a regular occurrence over an extended period of time. One of the best analogies is the benefits of sauna treatments. Going to the sauna just once may make you feel like you have done something very healthy for your body but actually other than the superficial benefits that you may be feeling from simply having attended the session, it is very unlikely that your body will have experienced any of the many wonderful underlying and long lasting health benefits that regular sauna visits can offer. Various studies have shown that regular weekly visits to the sauna over many years can contribute to a greatly increased overall health condition of your body. When you think about it, this should come as no surprise, there are few health and mood improvement techniques that have an instant positive and lasting effect.