What You Should Know About Ayurvedic Massage

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Last updated on: 18/08/2023
Ayurvedic massage rituals include herbal teas

Discover enlightening facts about one of the world's oldest and most holistic forms of therapy. If you're keen to experience this ancient wellness practice firsthand, learn more and book an Ayurvedic massage here.


A Deeper Dive into the Intricacies of Ayurvedic Techniques

Let's explore some lesser-known yet fascinating aspects of this ancient wellness practice.


1. Origins in Antiquity:

Ayurvedic massage dates back to around 1500 BC, making it one of the longest-standing health systems in the world.


2. A Holistic Approach:

Ayurvedic massage is part of a broader health system focused on Exercise, Eating Well, Proper Digestion and Good Rest, all tailored to an individual's unique mind-body type.


3. Cultural Context:

The Vedic Period, during which Ayurveda originated, significantly shaped Indian principles of life, contrasting England's Bronze Age.


4. Daily Ritual:

The standard form, Abhyanga, is a full-body oil-based massage intended as a daily wellness routine.


5. Variety in Practice:

Pizhichil is another form that involves warm medicated oil poured from a special vessel, making it unsuitable for mobile therapy.


6. Global Luxury:

Despite its humble beginnings, you can now find Ayurvedic massage at the world’s most exclusive spas and hotels.


7. Gender-Specific Therapists:

In India, men are usually treated by male therapists and women by female therapists.


8. Choice of Oils:

High-quality, cold-pressed almond or sesame oil is generally recommended, while coconut oil is used for its cooling properties.


9. Affordability in India:

In places like Kerala, you can receive an Ayurvedic massage for as little as £5.


10. Balance of Doshas:

The practice involves achieving balance between the three key biological elements or ‘doshas’ - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


11. Home-Based Wellness:

While luxury options exist, the essence of this therapy is still a simple, accessible daily practice meant for the home.


Fascinated by what you've learned? Take the next step in your wellness journey and book an Ayurvedic massage session to experience these benefits yourself.


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