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Last updated on: 20/04/2020
Touching hands with empathy

Communication through touch is one of our most primitive modes. Touch can make you calmer, safer, happier. It can also convey feelings of sympathy, love and gratitude. 

Touch is at the heart of everything we all do. 

Yet, for very good reason, we are currently restricted in this most natural of human instincts.  So what to do instead to satisfy this basic human need?

Tactility at home

If you live with others and you all feel well, try these simple ways of adding a little more tactility into your lifestyle.

  • Treat each other like long lost friends. Hug and cheek kiss when you see each other for the first and last time every day. Or even just shake hands if that feels more comfortable.
  • Sit closer to each other whilst watching TV. Allow your elbows and knees to touch each others.
  • Don't offer a biscuit by passing over the packet. Use your fingers to pop it into their mouth instead.
  • Simple tactile actions like these can help you - and the rest of your household - feel more connected. Not just physically but mentally too.  

Children do it all the time. Adults need to do it more. Especially right now.  

Affective physical contact is fundamental to good mental health. Discover more on how touch positively affects mental wellbeing by clicking the picture at the top. 

Those who live alone 

Times like these can be much harder for those who live alone. Regular virtual contact can help but a total lack of direct physical contact with others can start to take its toll.  

Focusing the mind on favourite hobbies, practising mindfulness when outdoors and even eating with fingers instead of cutlery can all help a bit.  

Having faith in a return to normality helps a lot.  

If you know someone that lives alone, consider sending them a gift of touch. If you live alone, you can even send one to yourself.  

Either way, you'll create a moment of sanity to look forward to again. 

Gift of Touch 

You can send someone a personalised gift via text or a WhatsApp message like this: 

Screenshot of exchange between friends where one sends the other a massage gift certificate by text

The receiver will get a fully personalised gift certificate delivered to their phone directly from you.  

Delivering compassion and empathy through professional touch is our strength. You can give someone who is currently alone the gift of strength to look forward to receiving empathy through touch again soon.  

Use our suggested wording:

A little something for you

to look forward to ...

for when we’re allowed

to touch others again!

or write your own. 

To make things even easier for you, we've made the following changes to the terms for gift certificates purchased during London’s social distancing restrictions:

- certificates can be used at any time through to 31 December 2021 next year

- unused certificates can be returned for a full refund any time before 31 December 2021, no questions asked

Just click here to create and send your own personalised gift of touch. 

Hopefully things will soon look and feel brighter for all of us and we'll be able to return to a more tactile way of life again.


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