A Truly Special Mother's Day Gift

Category: Other Posted: 28 Mar 2019

Posted: 28 Mar 2019

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She gave you the very best gift you can get – life – and then topped it with love, attention and nourishment. She probably even massaged you better when you were a baby. So perhaps dedicating just a day a year to mothers is not nearly enough. But mothers, being mothers, are genuinely grateful whenever they are made to feel special, even if only on Mother’s Day each year.

Treat your mum to an extra special Mother’s Day 2019 by giving something this year which really has a personal touch - and costs nothing at all. All from the tips of your very own fingers. Find out how below.


Love is free

Being generous towards your mother can come easily but spending wildly with your credit card may not always hit the spot. This year, be more benevolent in your gift giving to increase the chances of scoring a priceless goal in your mother’s heart.

The following suggestions cost nothing at all. However, many of us might find some of them more challenging than giving the customary box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. But be bold, put away your wallet or purse and this year try giving your mum a Mother's Day gift that she will genuinely cherish and remember.


Foot massage

Whether they are exhausted from constantly being on their feet all day caring for a family or have simply had their favourite stilettos on for a little too long, mums everywhere just love a foot rub!

You could of course just offer to book them a professional reflexology therapist. But this Mother’s Day we recommend that you go an extra step and learn how to give a foot massage so that you can surprise your mum by performing the special relaxation massage on her yourself.


Lend an ear

Mum’s are great listeners – from absorbing Dad’s moans and man flu groans to nodding patiently along to the countless woes of coming of age stories from their children.

This year, put aside an hour or two to let your mother express her own feelings for once. Say less, listen more. You might even surprise yourself at how much you enjoy lending mum a sympathetic ear for once, rather than using her as a sounding board.



This Mothering Sunday give your mum a hug like it is the last hug you will ever give her. Sure, she might be taken aback slightly and wonder what’s come over you and, in typical mumsy fashion, start worrying whether all is okay in your life.

But just do it and then explain the extended hug with the simple response “it’s Mother’s Day. I love you and wanted to hug you how much!”


Massage gift voucher

A massage gift voucher is a wonderful idea most of the year and most mothers love to receive such a gift. We suggest you save giving your mum one of these for another special day, like her birthday or for Christmas or just because. For Mother’s Day, make it even more special than a professionally trained therapist could, by simply doing the massage on her yourself.

Of course for some people it's just not possible to physically visit their mother on Mother's Day this year. If that's the case for you, then one of our massage gift certificates does indeed offer a great back up option. You can even personalise it with your very own message and have it delivered electronically by email or text the very same day that you purchase it.

The vouchers are valid for a whole year from the date of purchase, so your mother can take her time to find the best moment to relax at home and can choose any of the many different styles on offer for visiting therapy or use our simple graphical guide to choose one of the 6 most popular types of massage.

Don’t buy a massage gift certificate as a cop out. If you can visit your mother, then do one (or preferably all) of the other ideas described above. However, if you really aren’t able to see your mum this year in person, then let her know you've been thinking of her by giving the gift of loving touch through a caring massage therapist instead.